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KAMIOKA: Creating the best experience for users

Source:International Metalworking News Date:2018-08-06
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Wen-Hong Huang, President

In the sphere of metalworking, it has become a more industry-specific and individualized sector following the widening applications of end-products, as well as the strengthening capacity of machining techniques of machine tools. Machine builders are thus producing more original machines than the industry has ever seen before. Most machine tool builders concentrate on a few types of specific machine, while other ambitious builders aim to offer a one-stop experience for the manufacturers. KAMIOKA is one that belongs to the latter.

Established in 1965, under the name of Yongfa, it operated as an OEM company, and repairer machine shop originally. In the past decade Yongfa gradually converted itself into a research-oriented company and started producing machines from their in-house technological knowledge. Presently KAMIOKA is the brand that represents top quality 5-axis machining center, horizontal/vertical machining center, double column machining center, lathes and grinders.

“Our expertise is in producing comprehensive solutions for our customers” General Manager Huang remarked, but how do they manage to cover metalworking machines for differing machining purposes?

He explained, “We learnt from the experience and history from the OEM machine shop days. We were the direct users of machine tools and thus have first-hand experience on all the machine tools we produce today. Our technicians were able to assess how alternation on features would contribute to more sustainable machines.”

Machine tools

The strongest characteristics of KAMIOKA’s machine lie in its speed, machining accuracy, and the compact design of appearance. A large majority of KAMIOKA’s machine is highly customised as it seeks to offer the users best practices and performance. It is also the reason that KAMIOKA keep escalating on its profile on multi-types machine tools.

“Lately among the most popular equipment are VMC- 1050S/VMC-1050B, VMC-800 (vertical machining center) and OL-32 (office lathe)” Huang emphasised.

He added, “On the VMCs we have enhanced it with stronger A-shape design with rib-braced column construction, and widened the 4-rail slide construction for rigid Y-axis motion on both VMC-1050S and VMC-1050B”.

These machines are highly welcomed in Russia and South East Asia region. A shoe manufacturer in Indonesia has bought over 10 units VMC-800/VMC-1000 for producing shoe moulds, KAMIOKA has partnered with this client for 10 years, and helped them meet the efficiency and accuracy demanded in shoe sector mass production.

“We are aiming for establishing closer ties with our customers, and consider to open branches in Indonesia and Russia – as it has become our critical market, we hope to serve the customers locally” Huang commented.

The company inspects the quality of their machining process thoroughly – from R&D, moulding and cast-iron foundry, parts machining, assembly, to the final quality assurance, it follows strict examinations and tolerance test.

“KAMIOKA embraces any opportunities to create original machining centers, we strive from our experimental spirit and hope the customers receive satisfying results” Huang concluded.


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