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KAMIOKA: Optimising machine tools production

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:7/8/2019 11:07:42 AM

Established in 1965, KAMIOKA initially operated as an OEM company and a repair machine shop, under the name of Yongfa. 

An exclusive interview with Wen-Hong Huang, President of KAMIOKA CORPORATION

In the past decade, Yongfa gradually converted itself into a research-oriented company and started producing machine tools in-house using their technological knowledge.

As a user of machine tools, KAMIOKA is aware of what clients need, committing to optimizing production process by cutting down 15% procedure of production line. For example, if it originally takes 100 mins to go through a process of creating a product, it only takes 85 mins now.

“This is the strength our machine tools and services provide to customer. It saves much time, and TIME IS MONEY,” General Manager Huang emphasized.

Nowadays, KAMIOKA is a brand known for producing high-quality 5-axis machining center, horizontal/vertical machining center, double column machining center, lathes and grinders. The company is dedicated in creating machine tools applied in automobile, consumer electronics product, hardware bathroom equipment, and hub used in bike.

Huang remarked, “We are good at providing comprehensive solutions to our customers.”

When asked how the company manages to create metalworking machine tools for differing machining purposes, he said, “We learn from our OEMs. Also, we are direct users of machine tools and thus have first-hand experience on all the machine tools we produce today. Our technicians are able to assess how alternation of features could contribute to more sustainable machines,” Huang explained.

The leading advantages of KAMIOKA’s machine are: speed, accuracy, and design. The majority of the company’s machines are customized. In this way, they could offer users better operating experience and production performance.

“VMC- 1050S/VMC-1050B, VMC-800 (vertical machining center) and G-3A4080 /G-4080ASD (surface grinder) are our latest popular equipment,” Huang emphasized. “On the VMCs, we have enhanced it with a stronger A-shape design, rib-braced column construction, and widened the 4-rail slide construction for rigid Y-axis motion on both VMC-1050S and VMC-1050B,” he added.

These machines are highly accepted in Russia and Southeast Asia region. A shoe manufacturer in Indonesia has bought over 10 units of VMC-800/VMC-1000 for producing shoe moulds. KAMIOKA has been in partnership with this client for 10 years now. KAMIOKA has helped the customer to become efficient and accurate in meeting the mass production needs required by the shoe sector.  

“We aiming for establishing closer ties with our customers, and consider to open branches in Indonesia and Russia – as it has become our critical market, we hope to serve the customers at local location,” Huang commented.

KAMIOKA aims to offer a one-stop experience to its customers, providing quality machining process–from R&D, molding, cast-iron foundry, parts machining, assembly, to the final quality assurance.

“We follow strict inspections and pass the tolerance test. KAMIOKA upholds the spirit of research and pursue the most fitting results for our customers,” Huang concluded.

Metalworking has become a much more individualized sector applied for diverse end-products. “Last year, KAMIOKA has sold over 100 units of machine tools, reaching 20% performance growth. As a machine tool builder, we are working on providing more advanced machine tools needed by the industry,” he summed up.


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