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KASTO unveils 2019 market outlook

Source:Ringier Metalworking Date:2018-12-26
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As we head into 2019, the global metalworking manufacturing industry will continue to face complex supply chain challenges. But the New Year also provides many opportunities for metalworking manufacturers to turn to technologies and digital transformation to improve their operations, efficiencies, and bottom line profits.

International Metalworking News for Asia asked Armin Stolzer, Managing Partner of KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG regarding the big changes ahead and where manufacturers’ main concerns should be in 2019.

According to Stolzer, the currently favourable situation in widespread parts of the global economy and in the metalworking sector is leading to many companies increasing their production output. However, for the most part, additional capacity is usually necessary to enable the larger number of orders to be processed on time. More and more users are therefore deciding to automate processes, including in the sawing and storage technology sector. This offers considerable potential and, at the same time, the necessary flexibility to be able to respond to changing requirements.

“This is where we can provide users with optimum support. We help companies to achieve significant improvements in production efficiency while at the same time reducing their costs – two outcomes which in today's economically challenging climate are in especially great demand,” he explained.

Stolzer added, “Our sawing machines and storage systems can be easily integrated into a digitalised and automated material flow. We also offer combined sawing and storage systems in which all the storage, handling, sawing, marking, palletising and bundling processes are performed fully automatically with the help of industrial robots – from putting the raw material into store through to the picking of the cut parts.”

He said that in order for all steps in an automated production process to mesh smoothly, the right interfaces are required. This is why KASTO customers get everything from a single source. “At the software level we also have innovative solutions that are perfectly adapted to industry needs, for example in the form of our well-designed machine control systems and KASTOlogic Warehouse Management System. Our warehouse management software automatically controls all the processes between goods receiving and dispatch, including the connected sawing machines. With our customised complete systems, metal-processing companies can fully utilise the potential of their production and logistics facilities,” Stolzer finally said.




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