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LCH: Flexible press technology

Source:Ringier Date:2018-11-23
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LCH 2500t Tandem Press Line

LCH 2500t Tandem Press Line

Lien Chien Hydraulic Industrial Co . L t d (LCH) i s one of the earliest manufacturers of hydraulic press forming machine in Taiwan. Its techniques in manufacturing hydroforming press was a joint effort it has acquired with a German partner some 20 years ago. In a dialogue with International Metalworking News for Asia (IMNA), Michael Wang, Vice General Manager discusses the company’s qualities, services and triumphs.

IMNA: Can you tell us more about your company and what makes it unique from your competitors?

Michael Wang: During the 71 years of LCH’s establishment the company has intensified its strength in the research and development of hydraulic power fluid technology. The most outstanding strength of LCH is that it customises all its presses to suit customers’ every needs. With LCH newest ECO Servo Press Series, the company has been providing highly energy efficient presses with tremendous precision to customers in automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, IC, home appliance, bicycle, shipping industries, and more.

IMNA: Do you have new product technologies to offer?

Michael Wang: In response to the increasing demand in composite materials, LCH has been focusing on presses making products using composite materials such as SMC, BMC, GMT, and CFRP. The products include car underbody shield, fiber glass door skin, etc. LCH is the only Taiwanese press manufacturer who provides the CFRP presses.

Moreover, the Eco Servo series is the latest patented innovation that can be integrated with servo motors, which can save up to 20% energy consumption, with 20% noise reduction. However, end-users has been reporting that their newly purchased LCH Eco Servo Press is saving more than 30%, 40% and even 50% compared to other brand presses in their factory. The company is actively making progress on a new press series for the Industry 4.0. It has been providing turnkey solutions to world class companies.

IMNA: Can you share a few distinctive customized projects that received high customer satisfaction?

Michael Wang: LCH’s new Eco Servo Series has been earning great reputation and excellent customer feedbacks since its debut in the beginning of 2017. Another successful series is the LCH hot forming / hot press series. The company’s hot presses brings high tensile strength forming to a new era and the presses are in operation everyday manufacturing automobile parts for big famous brands.

LCH ECO Servo Press

LCH ECO Servo Press

Also, a fully automatic tandem press line with plate washer, loader and unloader was installed in America last year. The production line demonstrated the sketch of unmanned factory with integrated visual location recognition and press automation, the production line eliminated labour power by 80%, indicating the capacity of LCH in designing precise, rapid and cost-efficient equipment that reflects unique characteristics according to clients’ request.

LCH 1600t Tandem Press Line

LCH 1600t Tandem Press Line

IMNA: What is the major strength that contribute to LCH’s outstanding performance?

Michael Wang: LCH supplies a diverse type of hydraulic presses for different industries around the world. Its hydraulic press quality, function’s reliability and service is one of the many reasons that LCH Presses are popular and operational globally today.

IMNA: How is the company’s business in South East Asia and U.S.?

Michael Wang: In South East Asia, hot forming press is among the popular products among clients, mostly delivered to Japanese overseas subsidiaries, factories in the South for S.E. Asia. They have customized a super wide but shorter in height press for S.E. Asia client, whose factory space is limited. The client manufactures anti-collision steel beams for lorries.

LCH Hot Press

LCH Hot Press

In the U.S., LCH designed a tandem press line for a U.S. company. The production line consisted of five presses, fully automatic with robotics. The feature of the production line is washing system, vision system, pick and place robotic system. The entire line reduced labour power from 10 to 2 people per line.

IMNA: What is your most important message?

Michael Wang: In the future, LCH will focus on refining the sheet metal forming technologies of light-weight materials and components of CFRP, BMC, SMC that apply to electrical/ driverless cars. The company’s vision is to lead the trend for smart and energy-efficient hydraulic presses making the world a better place for the generations to come.

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