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Li Xiang diversifies product line

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia June 2017

Date Published:7/6/2017 04:07:17 PM

Li Xiang Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd has established the Pei Gong brand of gearbox in 1976. 

And is claimed to be an iconic brand name in Taiwan. The product line includes worm gear reducer, helical gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, miter gearboxes and so on.

Company Sales Manager Mr Stanley Liu stated that after years of success in the Taiwan market, the company has been diversifying its product types since 2015. As a result, the company released a completely new series of gearboxes suitable for European users and their specifications. The new series is based from the technical foundation of the original gearboxes. This move is to expand export plans to a vast area of users globally.

Additionally, given the strength of carrying key technological knowledge in gears, transmission systems and controller, the manufacturer is considering in developing high-end and more intelligent integrated production line, such as those with PLC, servo embedded and so on.

Li Xiang will meet the visitors at PDMEX to introduce their highly efficient gearboxes, whether it is for the European or American market, or regional usages in Asia, customers could be well-satisfied from the latest designs. They wish that the users would find a total-solution at Li Xiang for a better and much more productive future of manufacturing.

The main Reducer (HELICAL GEAR REDUCER - K-AM-3D) to be exhibited at PDMEX is based on the building block design. It is convenient for customers to fit all types of motors or connect with other power input. The same type of reducers can be applied to motors with different power, making it possible for different types of machines to combine and connect. High transmission efficiency, at single stage, the reducer can reach a 96% efficiency. HELICAL GEAR REDUCER is applied in many fields - food packing, energy industry, storage transportation, conveyor, milling and so on.

Furthermore, Stanley stressed that Li Xiang seeks to ensure that its designs closely match customer needs, and the company is always aiming to enhance product quality. Instead of competing for mass production Li Xiang is more interested in honing their quality and services for customers. And thereby, laying out a solid foundation for the modernisation in the manufacturing industry.


Meet LI-XIANG at:

21st M-Tech (Tokyo) 21-23 June 2017 Hall EAST 7, Booth No.: 17-12

8th PDMEX (Philippines) 23-26 August 2017 


Contact: Summer Liu

Tel: +886-3 218 0188


Website: Contact: Summer Liu

Tel: +886-3 218 0188



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