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Lightweight closure for still water

Source: Date:2010-06-22
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AFTER Danone Turkey, Naya Waters of Canada is another filler persuaded by the positive aspects of the HexaLite® 29/25 closure. The transition into Bericap's lightweight closure went off without issues. Lightweighting of packaging is a core target of the industry in general, which falls in line with cost reductions, but also follows the internal sustainability guideline of many companies today - saving of non-renewable raw materials by using less packaging material and therefore support the reduction of CO2 emissions. The cost saving to convert from a 30/25 neck and closure to HexaLite 29/25 will save about 33% of resin in the neck and closure weight. The still water market is the defined target for the HexaLite range: the 26 FB for lightweighted 26mm neck finish, and the 29FB suitable for a lightweighted 30mm neck finish. Both closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band (Flexband)for efficient TE performance, reliable and forgiving application on high-speed lines. BERICAP Egypt Ltd. T: +202 3539 1595 Email: Web: FME204Miesten kengät laajasta valikoimasta


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