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LiYe executive outlines latest high-speed press

Source:Ringier Date:2018-11-22
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LiYe Machinery Co. Ltd is one of the few manufacturers of under drive press in the Greater China region. They have developed their unique characteristics in producing unconventional presses that aim for high accuracy, high flexibility and high capacity in a user friendly and oil-free environment. The under drive press is suitable for non-metal material machining, which could significantly enhance users’ freedom in multi-purpose stamping, and diversify their production.

International Metalworking News for Asia caught up with Sales Manager Todd Chen in a recent interview. Chen talked about the company’s innovative machines to help accelerate manufacturing in Asia.

IMNA: What is the signature equipment of LiYe, how is it applied in the metalworking industry?

Todd Chen: LiYe manufacturers’ high-speed presses. Our machines are highly stable with reliable machining results, which decreases vibration and errors during production. Today, we would like to introduce our under drive high-speed press, which is the latest series designed for high flexibility machining purposes.

Todd Chen (center) and colleagues

Todd Chen (center) and colleagues

The under drive high speed press is used to machine computing, mobile phones and automobile electrical components. The latest model, “Under drive high speed press BT-10”, is a recondition of the traditional structural design but with more accurate and efficient features in terms of trouble-shooting system and instant feedback display. Moreover, the mechanism is suitable for nonmetal materials, due to its oil-free feature on stamping parts.

IMNA: What is the reason that had helped LiYe expand in the Asian region?

Todd Chen: We have impressive performance in the Chinese market in particular to the under drive high speed press, as currently only a small number of manufacturers produce this type of press. We are thus determined to devote greater effort to promote this concept of using unconventional under press drive than traditional presses.

KHT-Series, knuckle joint high speed press

KHT-Series, knuckle joint high speed press

IMNA: In which field do you target your next innovation?

Todd Chen: We received various inquiries from our Chinese clients regarding developing larger capacity with higher tensile structural design. We thus begin the research in 20-30 tons under drive high speed press to meet the dynamic demands.

IMNA: Which markets would you like to enter next year?

Todd Chen: Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan are the targeted countries that we wish to be involved in. These emerging economics combines substantial potential, we hope to be able to cooperate more with the local metalworking sectors in the future. The upcoming TIMTOS 2019 in Taipei is also an opportunity to showcase our strength in providing alternatives to traditional presses. Thus, we anticipate in meeting more users from the South East Asia and discuss further cooperation.



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