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Metalworking companies responding to coronavirus crisis

Source:International Metalworking News Date:2020-04-20
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COVID-19 is presenting major challenges to people and organisations around the world. Here in South East Asia, governments consider the new rules and policies needed to protect their citizens. Metalworking business leaders are also managing the crisis on behalf of their employees, customers, and stakeholders. Given the magnitude of this evolving situation, International Metalworking News for Asia compiled responses from businesses surrounding the metalworking industry to see how these companies are countering to the coronavirus crisis.

Makino Asia Management

In response to the ongoing novel coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak, proactive measures are put in place to monitor the situation closely and disseminating medical advisory to all employees in Makino Asia Group in a timely manner. All employees across the regions are also reminded to take note of their respective local authorities’ latest health advisory and to remain vigilant at all times. In addition, Makino has formed a global management task force to closely monitor the situation and take appropriate actions, subject to respective local authorities’ requirements and recommendations. We have also instituted precautionary health and hygiene measures and additional countermeasures within the Makino Asia Group. As a company that focuses on long-term sustainable business practices, the management takes all necessary measures to safeguard the health and safety of all the employees as well as visitors to its premises.

Guhring (Thailand)

We all are facing a very difficult situation due to the outbreak of corona which affects our economy and our daily life. Guhring Thailand will not stop delivering tools and service until otherwise stated by the government. We implemented enough stock to ensure your business can keep going and your production won’t stop. To ensure our workers are safe and healthy as well we implemented different measures to ensure every one health as well.


According to CEO Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, TRUMPF is reacting to the spread of the Coronavirus with graduated measures in all important company divisions. As of March 24, 2020, the working time at the Ditzingen, Gerlingen and Hettingen locations will be significantly reduced for the time being. Only selected production and customer service areas and some business-critical areas will be maintained. The measures will initially remain in effect until April 3, 2020, after which TRUMPF plans short-time work for the majority of employees. If possible, the agreement will be successively expanded to all German locations. Extensive reductions in working hours are also planned or already being implemented for the other European locations, especially in the countries heavily affected by the corona pandemic, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Our central purchasing department continuously evaluates the worldwide supply chains in order to identify supply bottlenecks in time. Like the industry in general, TRUMPF is preparing for delays in both the supply chain and production. On February 10 and 12, TRUMPF in China resumed production following the official end of the New Year's holidays, extended by the authorities. Despite the difficult circumstances, the colleagues in China have already reached more than 90 percent of the normal production capacity.  

Sandvik South East Asia Pte Ltd

Sandvik Coromant is carefully monitoring the Covid-19 situation globally and following guidance and precautionary measures provided by health authorities and the local governments. Our top priority, relative to the outbreak, is to protect our people, operations and customers from adverse impacts. We are a global company with production and distribution facilities all over the world. This alongside procurement diversification supports our supply chain security. We continuously assess inventory demand, raw material requirement, production capacities and logistics to assess and manage risks. Any mid- or long-term supply risks identified that derive from the current Covid-19 situation, are adopted into this workflow and plans are made how to best mitigate them.

GF Machining Solutions Pte Ltd

We at GF Machining Solutions are committed to securing a safe and sustainable environment for our customers, partners and employees. In response to the spreading of the corona virus we would like to inform you about the current delivery capacity and measures taken at GF Machining Solutions. With our global and divers production setup we are, as of today, capable to produce and deliver machines, spare parts and services. We are strictly complying with local and national authorities to limit the spread of the virus, while continuing to support the needs of the market. We have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the health and welfare of our communities, and we have implemented actions across our organisation to allow us to carry on critical operations.

Faro Singapore Pte Ltd

FARO is taking every necessary preventive action possible to ensure the safety of our workforce and to minimise any disruption to business operations. At this time, we are confident that we can continue to maintain the highest level of service and support to our customers and, as a company, we are not experiencing any issues related to supply chain or manufacturing. We are actively monitoring this situation in real-time. 

Seco Tools (SEA) Pte Ltd

As a company, we have already taken actions in the past few weeks to protect our customers and coworkers, while at the same time ensuring that our business runs as usual. One of the steps Seco has taken to keep the coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading is to minimise direct contact between people and to have our teams work from home whenever possible.   In this situation, we will find new ways to collaborate through digital tools. You can reach your local representative(s) by phone or email. We are also available through virtual collaboration tools such as Teams or Skype. These can replace meetings that were originally scheduled physically, to ensure that we can continue to support you in your operations. The situation is changing quickly, and we are adapting as we go along. It is very important for us to find ways to continue to support our customers. We are a global company with production and distribution facilities all over the world. This alongside procurement diversification supports our supply chain security. We continuously assess inventory demand, raw material requirements, production capacities, and logistics to actively manage risks. Any mid- or long-term supply risks that derive from the current Covid-19 situation are adopted into this workflow and plans are made on how to best mitigate them. We are doing our utmost to ensure continued delivery to you in these uncertain times. Our teams are continuously assessing the situation and taking actions to mitigate any risks accordingly.

Haimer Asia Pacific Limited

The news of the last few days are developing rapidly and we would like to inform you about the measures taken at HAIMER regarding COVID-19 (Corona Virus): The health and safety of employees, customers, suppliers and partners have top priority at HAIMER. We take the increasingly global spread of the Corona Virus very seriously. Weeks ago, we took numerous measures to prevent infections of the Corona Virus in our workplace. For example, employees who have been in a risk area or a particularly affected region within the past two weeks, private or for business, may only return to their workplace after 14 days. The same applies, of course, to people in contact with a confirmed Corona Virus infected person.

The same standards are also imposed on all visitors to our company in order to minimise the risk on all sides. We still ensure a smooth business process, even so, for the protection and well-being of our staff and their families, we have taken a multitude of internal measures to significantly reduce the risk.

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