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Monoglyceride emulsifier from palm oil

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:8/20/2018 02:08:15 PM

DuPont Nutrition & Health introduces a naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier with unique beaded format that helps reduce lump formation, resulting in better product flowability.  

DIMODAN® HP 90-M is a naturally sourced monoglyceride emulsifier that can help manufacturers of margarine, non-dairy creamers, whipping gels, and other product applications, to enhance production and handling efficiencies.

New from DuPont Nutrition & Health, the emulsifier has a unique beaded format that helps reduce lump formation, resulting in better product flowability. Based on sustainably sourced palm oil, it delivers the same functionalities and quality as existing monoglyceride emulsifiers. Furthermore, dust formation is also significantly reduced during production, leading to improved safety and health conditions for the handlers. 

New emulsifier from DuPont prevents lumping and improves flowability. (iStock photo courtesy of DuPont) 

“Standard monoglyceride emulsifiers come in a fine, powdered format with inhomogeneous particles that ultimately cause lumps and flow-related issues,” said Sun Ligong, regional product manager. “Our beaded format is coarse with more homogeneous particles that prevents lumping and increases flowability. This brings a number of enhancements to the production aInd shipping stages for our customers who now have products with more consistency.”

Monoglycerides are among the most widely used emulsifiers in the food industry, but they can become lumpy under certain conditions. Many food manufacturers faced a challenge with product flowability when using powdered, inhomogenous emulsifiers.

As of January 2017, DuPont Nutrition & Health completed its switch to 100% certified sustainable palm oil and palm oil derivatives used in its global emulsifier production. This means that the company’s entire global range of palm-based emulsifiers is now based on RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil and derivatives, which promotes the production of palm oil with greater consideration of its environmental and social impacts.



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