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New generation bowl cutter

Source: Date:2010-06-22
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NEWLY developed, revolutionary material that is said to be tenfold better than stainless steel is used for a new bowl cutter from Kilia. The 'Supreme Cut', which offers the new world-record speed of 180 m/second (up to 6.000 rpm) has been made possible by the ideal vibration damping properties of the patented material 'ECO 6000'. Thus, this new offering is not only the fastest bowl cutter in the world, but also the most quiet with the longest serviceable life. Also unrivalled is the much easier cleaning properties owing to by the material features as well as the machine surfaces optimised for water drain, which simplify the cleaning process markedly. The optionally available, patented automatic cleaning system provides an additional component of optimal cleaning precision and hygiene. Energy and material required for manufacturing ECO 6000 are optimally minimised, so that for the first time, a product has arrived in the food processing industry that really complies 100% with the idea of 'green technology'. KILIA T: +49 4321 3092 35 F: +49 4321 3092 88 Email: (Mr Nabil Bishay) Web: FME311M??czy?ni


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