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NPE 2015 - Exhibitors’ Feedback

Source:Ringier Plastics

Date Published:6/16/2015 10:06:39 AM

Let's see what the NPE exhibitors say about their innovations and the plastics market and application trends this year.
Automation gains in plastics manufacturing
Mr. Friedrich Mairhofer, Product Manager of All-Electric IMM
ENGEL Austria GmbH
Tel: +43-(0)50 620 3812
Fax : +43 (0) 50 620 1 3812
Friedrich Mairhofer
"It's your choice to be a winner!" is the motto of ENGEL at NPE2015. Presenting eight innovative applications, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and system supplier demonstrated how the specific requirements of five industrial branches—automotive, packaging, medical, teletronics and technical moulding—can be realised with efficient and economical injection moulding solutions.
The highlights at the ENGEL's booth included the first composite brake pedal manufactured in a one-shot process, the new high-performance ENGEL e-speed machine, the particularly dynamic ENGEL e-pic Pick & Place robot, as well as innovative service tools for an even higher level of process security and machine availability.
"The plastics industry in North America continues on a course of growth. In particular, there is an increasing demand for innovative techniques and economic solutions for high-performance applications. This trend can be reflected in our exhibits at NPE2015."so said Friedrich Mairhofer, Product Manager of All-Electric Injection Molding Machine. "We also see automation, integrated automation growing very fast in China so we will attend the Chinaplas2015 in May in China."
Siemens presented latest solutions
Mr. Craig Nelson, Product Manager, Motion Control Systems, Digital Factory Division
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Tel: :+1-770 871-3868
Fax: +1-770 871 3899
Craig Nelson
At this year's NPE, Siemens showcased various automation, drives, motion control solutions and plant communications enhancements for the plastics industry and related end-user markets. Many visitors came to the booth to experience demonstrations of the developments from Siemens.
Craig Nelson, Product Manager, Motion Control Systems at Digital Factory Division, presented the highlights on the motion control systems for plastics machinery: Whether for blow moulding, extrusion or injection machines — or moving parts, materials and machine components, Siemens offers the plastics industry complete hardware and software solutions for motion control from a single vendor. In blow moulding, the parison control package provides machine builders 256 points for linear interpolation, saving machine designers considerable programming, setup and integration time. For injection, all speeds, pressures and up to 24 zones of temperature control can run on a single Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC).
Siemens also presented many other solutions for plastics industry, like industrial ethernet connectivity, automation solutions for extruders, Totally Integrated Operations (TIA) and TIA Portal, Energy-Efficient Servo Pump Technology.
The most dynamic MuCell demonstrations
Mr. Stephan Braig, President and CEO
Trexel, Inc.
Tel: +1-781 932 0202  
Fax: +1-781 932 3324
Stephan Braig
At NPE 2015, Trexel had the world premiere of its newly developed T-100 Series. The Trexel T-100 Series SCF (Super Critical Fluid) Delivery System is a state-of-the-art gas delivery and dosing system based on Trexel's patented technology, and built to the most stringent industrial standards. The system is specifically designed for small shot size moulding applications of < 140gr. / 5 oz. Meantime, Trexel showcased the most dynamic live demonstration of its MuCell technology at a show in the company's history. There were a variety of project part samples that benefit greatly from MuCell technology – such as running shoes, packaging and automotive parts. Stephan Braig , President and CEO, said Mucell can boast high part dimensional stability with significant weight and costs savings, as well as improve the design flexibility.
Adding value to consumer goods
Mr. Randy Beavers, Global Sales Director
Eastman Chemical Company
Tel : +1- 423 229 2000
Randy Beavers
The unique balance of attributes of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is valued by every customer since it was launched in 2008. It provides aesthetic and functional advantages compared with other clear thermoplastics such as polycarbonate (PC), clarified polypropylene, styrenic copolymers, and acrylics. "Well-known companies have been using Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for years, and it's time we empower consumers to make purchasing decisions based on the advantages the material brings to the products they purchase," said Randy Beavers, Global Sales Director.
At NPE2015, Eastman claimed to launch a new website featuring the material Tritan™: "This site educates consumers on why the material used to make the products they love really matters."
Ultra clear PP help consumers make the choice
Mr. Wim Van De Velde, Marketing Director, Plastics Additives
Ms. Cristina Acevedo, Global Product Line Manager for Millad, Plastics Additives
Milliken & Company.
Tel: +1-800 910 5592
Fax: +1-864 503 2430
Wim Van De Velde
Milliken & Company announced highlights its Millad® NX™ 8000 clarifying technology at NPE2015. The company is expanding the use of ultra-clear polypropylene (PP) as the material of choice in thermoformed food and beverage packaging, as against traditional polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polystyrene (PS). Wim Van De Velde, Marketing Director - Plastics Additives, quoted a report from the Freedonia Group, "Demand for polypropylene is expected to outpace overall container resin demand growth through 2016 due to the material's numerous advantages, as well as the continued development of polypropylene grades with improved clarity. This growth will be amplified by the increased abundance of shale gas and the propane dehydrogenation units (PDH) announced in North America coming inline during 2015-2016, leading to PP pricing stability and abundance.
"The confluence of several factors is driving the increased use of clarified PP - instead of PET and PS – in food and beverage packaging thermoformed applications," said Cristina Acevedo, Global Product Line Manager for Millad, Plastics Additive. "Our Millad NX 8000 clarifier allows packaging manufacturers to take advantage of PP's cost-effectiveness, high performance, microwavability, lower density and recyclability without compromising on exceptional aesthetics. Ultra-clear, thermoformed PP represents the next wave of material technology for the packaging industry."
Millad® NX™ 8000 offers significant advantages across the entire packaging value chain: canners are able to utilize existing downstream infrastructure, as well as the same easy-open and traditional lids used with metal cans. Brand owners benefit by being able to differentiate their products at the point of purchase and consumers can easily view the quality and freshness of fruit, vegetables and other foods through the clear container.
Providing customers with superior local support
Ms. Kelly Harings, Global Manager, Marketing Communications-Polymer Processing Systems
Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC.
Tel:+1 715 726 1201
Fax:+1 715 726 2205
Kelly Harings
At NPE2015, Nordson Corporation introduced to US market a unified, global strategy encompassing all of the technologies in its polymer processing range, which includes four well-established and respected brands of production-line components for melting, homogenizing, filtering, metering, and giving shape to plastic and fluid coating materials.
A breakthrough Nordson EDI flat-die mechanism for sheet extrusion was showcased at NPE2015. Called SmartGap™, the new, patent-pending system available only on new dies, eliminates the extended shutdowns for changes in lip components that have often been necessary when transitioning to new job runs, reducing to a matter of a few minutes changeovers that used to take two hours or more. At the same time, the SmartGap system enhances product quality and consistency, in part by keeping the lip faces and lip lands parallel while carrying out changes in thickness.
"Additionally, We have a strong local service capability. Nordson has employed a strategy of focusing more closely on the processes in which customers actually employ Nordson's polymer processing products. Each of the sales teams in a given region is dedicated to a specific family of applications: extrusion, injection molding, and polymerization / compounding. "said Kelly Harings, Global Manager, Marketing Communications-Polymer Processing Systems.
New machines for improved plastics processing
Mr. Jeff Newman, Vice President Sales & Marketing
Wilmington Machinery
Tel: +1-910 796 1604 
Jeff Newman
Wilmington Machinery showed off its new In-Line Multi-Clamp Intermittent Reciprocating Blow Moulding Machine at NPE. The machine is built for medium volume production of industrial, agricultural and other forms of rigid packaging. The machines produce medium/heavy wall parts at rates at up to 600 pieces an hour. Models are available for both monolayer and coex multi-layer moldings. The company also announced that the injection moulding LUMINA Series would now include two new 500 and 750-tonne general-purpose models and one new dedicated pallet model capable of either two single decks or one double deck pallet on the same machine. The combination of two-stage extruder/accumulator injection and a configurable multi-nozzle manifold makes it possible to run one to six molds with precise filling control.
At NPE 2015, Wilmington Machinery received a highly positive response to its new machinery. The company was also impressed by the larger global audience which created opportunity to introduce its machines to important markets in Asia and South America, according to Jeff Newman, Vice President for Sales & Marketing. "Wilmington Machinery continues to expand globally as we develop new business in Asia and South America. Many global plastics processors have ideas for improving primary processing machinery and systems, yet some of these ideas are non-traditional and outside the mainstream. Wilmington Machinery has been able to help these processors develop unique, customised, proprietary machinery and systems for new applications and enhanced plastics manufacturing," according to Mr. Newman.
Ready to explore the US market
Mr. Huang Zhengxiong, R&D Manager
Liansu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-757 2388 8055
Fax: +86-757 2388 8558
Huang Zhengxiong
Guangdong Liansu specialises in the development and production of different types of plastic pipe/profile extrusion equipment. It offers a complete range of plastic extrusion lines, different types of profile extrusion lines, extrusion mould for pipes and profiles, and other products. "We have seen strong growth in North America for many professional buyers visited our booth at NPE 2015.Compared with clients from other regions, Americans or Europeans have set a very high standard on the machinery and service. They demand for stable quality for the machines and timely service which we can achieve through our local partners," said Huang Zhengxiong, R&D Manager.
Meeting the most demanding requirements
Mr. Roison Qiu, Project Management & Sales Director
TSP Corporate Group
Tel: +86-21 5958 6499
Fax: +86-21 5958 6264
Roison Qiu
Since its establishment in 1999, TSP has stood for precision and been supplying tooling parts with tolerance of 0.001mm to rigorous tool users. Roison Qiu, Project Management & Sales Director, shared that they have been supplying precision tools and inserts to leading companies from electronics, automotive and medical markets for a long time and to different countries. "Therefore, we know customers' most demanding requirements and have the targeted solution to meet them. This is one of our biggest advantages," he said. "Many customers came to our booth at NPE 2015, and we hope to find more opportunities in the US market,' Mr. Qiu added.
Taking a slice of the global recycling trend
Mr. Jack Lin, Sales Manager for Latin America
Tel: +886-6 273 0889
Fax: +886-6 273 0887
Jack Lin
Polystar showcased its latest film recycling technology at NPE. The re-engineered cutter-compactor recycling line was first introduced in K show 2013 and has been demonstrated throughout important exhibitions worldwide.
Many have already ordered their second and third recycling lines during NPE after having experienced their first re-engineered line for 1 ~ 1.5 years since K show 2013. From Canada to the US, from Mexico to Chile, customers from North, Central and South America are providing positive feedback on their experience with Polystar's recycling machines. "The visitor quality during this year's NPE was surprisingly high", says Polystar Sales Manager for Latin America, Jack Lin. "Most customers who visited our booth were experts from the corresponding industries, mainly in flexible and woven packaging production as well as plastics recycling – and knew precisely what they wanted."


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