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NTN features precision roller bearings for machine tools

Source:Ringier Metalworking

Date Published:4/27/2017 03:04:29 PM

NTN features products and technology for machine tools that include precision roller bearings for machine tools.  

Products under the theme of “Navigate your future-NTN ULTAGE introduces the characteristic function and construction of the machine tool main spindle small high speed angular contact ball bearings and the machine tool main spindle bearing with air cooling spacer from the ULTAGE series of products in addition to providing an explanation using video of the mechanism and features of products such as how base oil is supplied to the eco-friendly air-oil lubricated bearing.

Furthermore, visitors experienced the chain of flow for the bearing technical calculation system for machine tool spindles by inputting data at a computer and then obtaining the results in a short time. In addition, the company introduced NTN's proprietary technology such as sliding material exclusive for machine tools from composite material products.

ULTAGE Series of Precision Roller Bearings for Machine Tools

Precision bearings that support high efficiency processing, high reliability, high quality processing and environment-conscious design required for machine tools. Demonstrates excellent ability due to such factors as the adoption of seals on both sides, special grease, special material/surface modification and also the optimization made to the internal bearing design.
ULTAGE Small Size High Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Machine Tool Spindles ULTAGE
Adopts a newly designed seal that retains a large volume of grease inside the bearing, without obstructing dust prevention functionality and cooling with compressed air, to improve grease retention and ensure the steady flow of compressed air. In addition, we have devised a grease lubricated position and volume, which achieves long life. Furthermore, by adopting a processing method that improves the precision of the bearing raceway surface, we have reduced vibrations by approximately 50% in comparison with conventional types.
Machine Tool Main Spindle Bearing with Air Cooling Spacer 
Reduces the inner and outer ring temperature difference during high speed rotation by adopting an “air cooling spacer” that applies a unique air cooling technology to the machine tool main spindle bearing. This improves the high speed rotational performance by 20% in comparison with existing parts (ultra-high speed angular contact ball bearings) and achieves a dmn value* of 2.1 million with air oil lubrication and fixed position preload, which provides the highest level of high-speed rotational performance in the world.
* An indicator that expresses the rotational performance of bearings and is bearing pitch circle diameter (mm) × rotational speed (min-1) 
“High Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearings HSE-NEW T2 Type” for Machine Tool Main Spindles
Achieves a dmn value of 1.6 million, which is an improvement of up to 50% for high-speed rotational performance in comparison with existing parts due to reviewing the retainer pocket shape and resin material. Polyamide resin retainers can also be applied to high-speed rotational regions where phenol resin retainers were adopted.
Bearing Technical Calculation System for Machine Tool Spindles
A system that customers can use to automatically calculate factors such as the main spindle rigidity and bearing operating life for precision roller bearings in a short amount of time. The main spindle layout has been increased from 10 to 13 patterns and the security level has also been improved. Contributes towards further reducing development lead times for machine tools.



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