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Optimizing all-electric systems

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:4/24/2017 09:04:09 PM

The full benefits of high-performance electric injection molding machines are increasingly being realized in terms of cost-savings and top rated performance 

The full benefits of high-performance electric injection molding machines are increasingly being realized with the rapid development in technology that has enabled cost-savings and top rated performance of the production systems.

Electrified 4.0 is what Sumitomo (SHI) Demag described its range of high performance injection molding machines at K 2016. The second generation of IntElect machines was launched during that exhibition, and set important milestones in injection molding technology for the production of plastic packaging, automotive parts and precision components. The injection molding machinery manufacturer presented five machines under its “Electrified 4.0” motto. The machines underscored product-specific unique selling propositions: speed, an increasing number of electric drives and equipment designed for the opportunities and demands of Industry 4.0.

An important new development was the launch of the second-generation all-electric IntElect machine series.The machine from this series with a clamping force of 500 kN was demonstrated producting crystal-clear headlight covers in a highly efficient electric production cell. The advantages of all-electric concepts in larger machines was empphasized especially in the production of automotive parts. Another IntElect model, the IntElect 50 is the first IntElect of the second generation launched late in 2016 producing a resealable dosing closure from PP with a complex membrane with minimum process variation, energy consumption and cycle times.  

The all-electric injection molding machine IntElect range from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag  is equipped with innovative high-torque direct drives specially developed for this purpose, thus ensuring the highest level of precision, dynamics and energy efficiency. IntElect operators benefit from many years of expertise in the area of electric drives pooled in the Sumitomo Group and a high vertical range of manufacturing in motors and control technology.

More than 55,000 electric machines from the Sumitomo Group are installed all over the world, making it the leading brand in the all-electric injection moulding machine segment. The largest IntElect 450 available to date manufactures crystal-clear polycarbonate headlight covers in a highly efficient electric production unit. The mold and hot runner system are provided by HRS INglass, San Polo di Piave/Italy. The mold for large surface moulded parts, which need to meet high optical requirements, runs with electrically controlled HRS Flex-Flow system hot runner needles. Gentle opening and closing of the needles prevents sink marks on the moulded part, which are not uncommon with conventional cascade injection molding involving abrupt sequential closing of hot runner needles. The automation with a 5-axis SDR 5X-35 robot was designed and manufactured by M.A.i. in Kronach. A special feature is the true-to-contour separation of the sprue realised with the aid of a laser.

Sumitomo Demag

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s second generation IntElect

IntElect is the first all-electric injection molding machine with a standard platform world-wide and comes equipped with specific direct drives. Its keen purchase price is comparable to that of similar hydraulic models. The first of all Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machines, the new IntElect is equipped with the “NC5 plus” control with a capacitive glass-color touch screen – a user-interface as safe, intuitive and comfortable as a smartphone. The IntElect is available in two performance categories. The standard model is designed for standard applications, formerly run on hydraulic machines. The high-performance model “top-tec” meets more challenging dynamic and precision requirements.


Secondary unit for high precision operation

Milacron Holdings Corp. now offers molders in the Americas the Milacron-FANUC ROBOSHOT SI-20A, a vertically mounted secondary injection unit for ROBOSHOT machines. The new FANUC ROBOSHOT SI-20A secondary injection unit was designed and developed by FANUC in Japan. The SI-20A continues to offer the same high quality, high technology and precision synonymous with the ROBOSHOT name.

The ROBOSHOT SI-20A is a high precision, compact, all electric vertically mounted secondary injection unit equipped with FANUC’s latest HMI Control and provides high molding performance, high sustainability, and ease of use.

The SI-20A is compatible with ROBOSHOT Alpha and B-Series injection molding machines from 50 ton to 300 metric tons and offers the same accuracy and repeatability as the latest Alpha Series ROBOSHOT. The SI-20A has a maximum shot capacity of 0.63 oz. (18 mm), is exchangeable between different ROBOSHOT tonnages, and can be used with the previous ROBOSHOT model as well. It’s easy to install and is encased in a newly developed space-saving electrical cabinet.


Milacron’s ROBOSHOT SI-20A, secondary injection unit for ROBOSHOT machines

The SI-20A can be operated from the operation screen of ROBOSHOT as well as its standalone operating screen. The rotary table that rotates the mold half can also be controlled at the same time by using servo auxiliary axis control. SI-20A can also be linked to ROBOSHOT-LINKi, the production and quality data management system for molding factories. It supports the globalization and automation of molding factories.

For molders looking to incorporate multi-shot or horizontal capabilities to their ROBOSHOT machines, Milacron plans to offer FANUC’s SI-300HA horizontally mounted 2nd injection unit capable of a 4.87 oz. (36 mm) shot capacity in the second half of 2017. Shawn Reilley, President Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT), Milacron was quoted as saying, “Milacron has enjoyed a strong relationship with FANUC for over 30 years. Milacron has sold over 5,600 FANUC machines over that time and we’re very excited to offer the SI-20A secondary unit to our loyal Milacron and ROBOSHOT customers in the Americas”.


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