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Outlook 2020: Next step towards sustainability

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:12/23/2019 08:12:55 PM

DSM has been integrating sustainability across business and operations, according to Shruti Singhal, President of DSM Engineering Plastics.
Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in nutrition, health and sustainable living, made an important announcement at K 2019. Taking its journey towards sustainability a step forward, DSM ( will offer a full alternative range of its existing portfolio based on bio- and/or recycled-based materials by 2030. This move forms part of DSM’s purpose-led performance-driven strategy, enabling a circular and bio-based economy. “Ten years ago, the general belief that as a company, you either focus on making profit or on improving the world, but that you couldn’t do both. But DSM has moved beyond that thinking as it has lead the way in integrating sustainability across business and operations,” Shruti Singhal, President of DSM Engineering Plastics, said. 
To address the growing consumer and legislative demand for sustainable living practices and more circular products, manufacturers are increasingly integrating bio- and recycled-based materials into their designs. “In response to this demand, DSM is offering a full portfolio of alternatives that contain at least 25% recycled and/or bio-based content by weight in the final product by 2030. This way, DSM Engineering Plastics is enabling its customers to meet these demands and make more sustainable choices,” Mr. Singhal explained.  
Mr. Shruti Singhal, President, DSM Engineering Plastics
In particular, the DSM portfolio of sustainable alternatives will leverage a toolbox of different technologies and approaches such as fermentation, mechanical recycling and mass balance accounting of bio-based and/or chemically recycled feedstock. As an immediate step, today, DSM Engineering Plastics is launching bio-based grades of its Arnitel® and Stanyl® product portfolio manufactured via a mass-balancing approach of bio-based feedstock. The Stanyl® bio-based grades are already available with the globally recognised sustainability certification ISCC Plus. 
Mr. Singhal stressed that DSM has a long history of delivering tangible proof points of its commitment to sustainability. "I’m very proud that DSM is leading our industry by taking the ambitious next step of introducing more and more bio- and recycled-based alternatives to our existing portfolio. Together with our customers, suppliers and partners, we’re ready to drive our industry forward, seize the sustainable opportunities ahead, and deliver on our purpose of creating brighter lives for all!”  Mr. Singhal also stated that DSM is globally recognised for its sustainability efforts. "We use our key competences to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals, providing opportunities in our three focus domains: nutrition and health; climate and energy; and resources & circularity."  


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