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Packaging solutions for an emerging market

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:2/18/2019 10:02:27 PM

Rodelio Espinosa, Head of Sales of KRONES Filipinas, Inc., talks about the latest solutions for the foods and beverage packaging sector in the Philippines
The Plastics Applications in Food and Beverage Packaging Summit held in Manila, Philippines on November 5-6, 2018 brought together industry experts and professionals in the Philippine food, beverage and plastics manufacturing. The Summit, organised by Ringier Events, featured highly-informative technical presentations and one of these presentations provided an overview on the latest production trends in beverage packaging. International Plastics News for Asia (IRNA) learned from Mr. Rodelio Espinosa, Head of Sales of KRONES Filipinas, Inc., the latest solutions from KRONES and how these can benefit the rapidly growing beverage packaging sector in the Philippines.  
Rodelio Espinosa, Krones Filipinas
Mr. Rodelio Espinosa, Head of Sales, KRONES Filipinas, Inc.
IRNA: Can you tell us about the operations of KRONES in the Philippines and how it supports the domestic market?
Mr. Espinosa: Based in Germany, KRONES AG offers lines for the beverage industry and food producers: process technology, filling technology, and packaging machines. It has been operating a representative office in the Philippines for about 10 years, but in 2017, KRONES decided to establish a subsidiary here in the country - KRONES Filipinas, Inc. The subsidiary is located in one of the key business districts in the Philippines and houses employees and technicians catering to local customers as well as other Asian customers. We do installation and also provide customer services. 
IRNA: What particular production lines does Philippine subsidiary offer? 
Mr. Espinosa: KRONES Filipinas offers products under the House of KRONES and these include the latest machines, parts and services; and the KRONES product range covers complete bottling line, logistics, digitalisation, and other services, all aimed at enhancing production efficiency. 
The machines are produced in Germany, but some installations can be undertaken by our local engineers here in the Philippines. The technical team also conducts training for customers so they can efficiently operate the production systems they acquired from KRONES.
Our bestseller or main product that we now promote in the Philippine market is the Ergobloc L, a new technology that KRONES introduced way back in 2009 but has since been enhanced and modified to meet changing market demands. The Philippines currently has a growing number of Ergobloc L running, thanks to customers who trust us. Recent developments in Ergobloc technology were presented at various Drinktech exhibition and these modifications have been well-received by customers worldwide. 
To date, KRONES Filipinas customers include the major food and beverage manufacturers in the Philippines such as Philippine Spring Water Resources Inc. (Nature Spring), Coca-Cola, Pepsi and so on. KRONES currently has a large organisation or team servicing the Philippine market and we are growing.  
IRNA: What specific KRONES solutions are ideal for the fast-growing beverage packaging sector?  
Mr. Espinosa: KRONES designs and implements complete lines for beverages and food, which cover each individual production process step – starting from product and container production, filling and packaging all the way up to material flow and container recycling. Our customers who approach us call the tune and KRONES can provide solutions customized to their needs.
This year, the innovations are primarily geared to further improve line performance, ensure even higher individualization and flexibility, and impart additional sustainability to the production operation. Digitalisation plays a key role in this context, and KRONES has significantly made major strides in this area.  
Krones Ergobloc
Ergobloc L is an ultra-compact wet-end monobloc comprising a blow-moulder, a labeller and a filler.
In particular, the ErgoBloc L wet section block has an output of up to 81,000 containers per hour and requires 70% less space than conventional lines. The whole set up is capable of blow moulding, labelling, filling and capping, and ideal for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, cylindrical and square PET containers, standard and lightweight containers - with containers volume range of 0.25 to 3.0 litres. The production system is capable of turning out self-adhesive labels and reel-fed plastic labels, as well as flat caps and sports caps.  
One attractive feature of ErgoBloc L is its large output in a small area. Even though it processes up to 81,000 containers per hour, the ErgoBloc L requires a smaller space than a line consisting of individual machines. This way, you can save hundreds of square metres of hall surface. Also, its active transfer grippers only touch the preforms and bottles in their neck area. This makes the contact area between the material and the machines as small as possible and minimises the risk of damage. The system runs full power with no breaks as the labelling module automatically detects bottle gaps and does not apply glue or labels in this case so malfunctions through missing bottles are no topic at all. 
With the ErgoBloc L, the entire process from stretch blow moulding right through to the capping of the containers can be looked after by just one person. The compact design without conveyor sections also keeps the transport distances short and offers an easy overview over the entire line.
IRNA: In the area of recycling, what is KRONES’ best bet?
Mr. Espinosa: As I presented at the Plastics Applications in Food and Beverage Packaging Summit, the KRONES PET recycling system combines sustainability and economical efficiency. With KRONES PET recycling, it becomes possible to reduce the CO2 emission, save energy and resources. The greenhouse gas emission alone is reduced by 69% and that’s enough reasons to go for the PET recycling system MetaPure from KRONES. The MetaPure recycles PET containers into flakes or pellets, thus allowing for the production of different material qualities – up to food-grade PET according to FDA or other certificates. The system is available as a complete line or in individual modules for washing and decontamination. MetaPure can be used by bottlers, converters and recyclers.  Thanks to the decentralized module control, the line can easily be expanded by simply adding additional modules. The control of the entire line is performed centrally.
MetaPure guarantees efficient use of energy as flake decontamination has numerous energetic advantages than conventional pellet decontamination, thanks to its process temperature and low sojourn time. Also, the multi-stage post-cleaning process ensures low fresh water consumption and since the material in the heating conveyors is evenly heated, it is treated more gently than with comparable lines. The waste water pollution is reduced since 95% of the impurities are removed by employing separation technology before the washing process will be started. Overall, this brings multiple benefits to the manufacturers. 
KRONES Filipinas, Inc.
Tel: +632 8229612  
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