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Packaging for tea

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:3/1/2017 05:03:41 PM

Teepack machine boasts a knotting unit to retain tea flavor and aromas  

THE COMPACTA HS machine which produces and packages double-chamber tea bags in heat-sealable foils, features an enhanced knotting unit to tighten the thread at the bag. The new system reduces the amount of machine parts needed and ensures an efficient production process.

This new design produces naked double chamber tea bags including thread and tag. According to maker Teepack, the tea packaging specialist from Germany, the natural tea aroma is retained, since natural filter paper is used, chemical hot-melt adhesives are not needed.

The COMPACTA HS module can be seamlessly attached to the basic machine as a “plug-and-produce” system to further package the naked tea bags. The module ensures that the tea bags are reliably packed in heat-sealed three-sided foil in order to protect the taste and aroma of the tea. “Now we have further refined the knotting unit to offer customers an even more efficient packaging solution,” says Roland Delapille head of sales tea bag machines at Teepack.

Package tea with COMPACTA HS from Teepack


Double-stitched knot

At Gulfood Manufacturing, the COMPACTA HS was demonstrated with a new knotting unit. Having reduced the number of mechanical parts in the system, Teepack was able to demonstrate its future-oriented and customer-focused ingenuity.

At the same time, the COMPACTA HS will continue to use Teepack’s proven double-stitched knot technology to tie the tag to the tea bag. This delivers a highly stable, tight knot, as well as an optically attractive packaging solution. The advantage: no expensive special needle is needed. “With the new knotting unit customers need less spare parts for their machine and are able to reduce maintenance time resulting in lower costs,” said Delapille.

The COMPACTA HS offers an output rate of 230 double chamber tea bags in HS foil per minute, making it a flexible solution for packaging tea in a fast, simple and cost-efficient way. An automatic box filling system can optionally be added to the system to put several sealed tea envelopes into a folding carton.


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