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Plastindia 2015 - EXHIBITORS' FEEDBACK

Source:Ringier Plastics

Date Published:4/8/2015 11:04:13 AM

Plastindia 2015, India's major exhibition for the plastics industry accommodated around 2000 exhibitors, including the world's and India's leading companies engaged in plastics industry.

Advantages of Omega Platform Technology

Bangalore-based STEER announced its Application Development Center (ADC) successfully developed a process to produce Continuous Medium Glass Fiber Thermoplastics (CMGFT) on its flagship Omega platform that deploys its patented fractional lobe screw geometry at Plastindia 2015 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The platform leverages the specialised functionalities of SPE (Steer Special Elements, such as RFV (for intake); FKB (for melting of polypropylene); and OSE wave element (for wetting of glass fibre). Dr Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director and Chief Knowledge officer said, "The quest to replace energy intensive and heavy metal parts with lighter weight and environment friendly plastics continue to leads us to new frontiers and the advancement in compounding technology made by us is one more important step in this direction."

The CMGFT is best for applications where PP short glass & PA short glass reinforced materials are used. For example CMGFT PP with 30% glass is better than PP 40% short glass filled grade in terms of cost and lightness. Against GFPA, CMGFT is a cost effective alternative that can be used for most of the "under the bonnet" parts like radiator end caps, fan and shroud, and air in -take manifolds in automotive applications. The ADC conducted several tests to achieve dramatic results in terms of fibre length and orientation. The compounding of the CMGFT composite was achieved with a high-flight depth, high free volume, STEER Omega co-rotating twin-screw extruder.

Scientific choices of screw elements along with production process, and the control of process parameters, distinctly influenced the final fibre orientation and length. STEER is a manufacturer and creator of specialised components, machine systems and platforms that effectively transforms and functionalizes materials in the fields of polymers, biopolymers, pharmaceuticals and food, using the core application of Co-rotating Twin Screw Extrusion.

Dr Babu Padmanabhan

Dr Babu Padmanabhan, Managing Director and Chief Knowledge Officer, STEER

New injection moulding press for small vendors

Coimbatore based Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd unveiled plastic injection moulding press model Plastek – 100 WP under the Kestrel brand name at the Plastindia 2015. "The model is launched for the small vendors working for big OEMs," informed Soundararaj R of Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd. The model has been made keeping in mind production of high quality injection moulded parts with effective power savings, which has now become a standard
requirement. It has direct hydraulic clamping with robust castings, large ram and rigid structures of moving and stationary platens provided for a deflection free clamping system.

The firm claimed to have capacity to build 100 units annually. On pricing compared to the Chinese machine, Mr. Soundararaj stated, "We are slightly costlier compared to the Chinese machines of the same configuration." The model has variable pump as standard equipment is ideal for short cycle time and the servo system is an option for long cycle time production to ensure best levels of power savings. "Double cylinder construction runs on a high quality LM guide to enable the injection unit to respond to the injection profile to the highest levels, close looped injection, as an option, can be utilised for production of high precision industrial parts with graphical injection profiles," said Soundararaj.

Moldwell is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company established in the year 1981. Now it has carved a business niche as one of the fastest growing business conglomerates engaged in manufacturing Water Switches, Plastic Parts for pump industry, injection moulding machinery besides catering to diversified industry verticals with tailor-made plastic products.

Mr. Soundararaj

Mr. Soundararaj R of Moldwell Products India Pvt Ltd.

TrueWeigh continuous blenders

Ahmedabad based Nu-Vu Conair Pvt Ltd launched TrueWeigh continuous blenders as part of its goal to bring its product range from its US-based partner, Conair, in the India market. The blender range launched at Plastindia 2015 provides extremely precise loss-in weight dispensing of dry solids of various size and bulk densities including pellet, regrind, micro-bead and powder. "These highly consistent and repeatable blenders are ideally suited to extrusion
processes that require perfect blend homogeneity and extremely accurate dosing," explained Satish Godase, International Business, Board Director, Conair India at the Plastindia show.

Designed for extrusion rates to 3,000 lb/hr {1,360 kg/hr}, TWB, blenders are available with up to six component positions. The TrueWeigh continuous blender control option adjusts the extruder screw speed to compensate for material variations and other process variables while monitoring/ controlling the haul-off speed – continually delivering precise dimensional stability at minimal tolerances. "For extrusion high accurate mixing and blending is required, it has the capacity of 5 tonnes per hour with an option of going higher," stated Mr. Godase.

The PLC-based control holds each component to +/- 0.5% of its set point. The control uses a proprietary learning algorithm that simultaneously monitors and adjusts each feeder for material flow and bulk density changes. Easily and accurately blend virgin pellets, free flowing powders, regrinds, granules, flakes, concentrates and additives. Each component is simultaneously metered through material-specific feed augers. A conical cascade static mixer integrates the materials and eliminates separation caused by ledge or step type cascades.

Satish Godase

Mr. Satish Godase, International Business, Board Director, Conair India

Blow moulding system for milk packaging industry

Ahmedabad-based Ferromatik Milakron launched its UR series reciprocating screw blow moulding system at the Plastindia 2015. The US company introduced screw blow moulding UR-70 from its range for milk packaging industry in the dairy application. "Initially, it would be shipped from our US facility and once the market picks up the technology would be transferred to India plant at Ahmedabad," stated Umesh Pareek, Vice President, Sales, Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt Ltd.

With increasing safety regulations in the India market, the new model UR-70 meets applicable ANSI, CE & EU safety standards. It produces HDPE dairy bottles at the minimum 20% faster than wheel and shuffle systems. The new systems slashed energy demand drastically to the benefit of the processor, which is regarded as the major high point of the system. Power prices are going up in the country and processors are increasingly looking for options that save power expenses. "It requires at least 15-25% less energy than other intermittent shuffle or wheel systems with comparable production volumes," Mr. Pareek added.

The systems works on wide range of configurations with a full spectrum of head, clamp selections enables configuration to precisely match application demands.

Umesh Pareek

Mr. Umesh Pareek, Vice President (Sales), Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt Ltd.

PacXpert Packaging Technology from Dow

Dow's Packaging and Specialty Plastics business launched in India its award-winning flexible innovation, PacXpert™ Packaging Technology during the Plastindia exhibition. Themed "Think Solutions, Think Dow", Dow's Packaging and Specialty Plastics business presented its broad range of innovative solutions for food and specialty packaging, adhesives, industrial and consumer packaging, agricultural films and hygiene applications. The flexible packaging market in
India has grown in recent years to become Asia's third largest. The rising affluence and changing lifestyles of India's middle class will continue to drive a stronger demand for packaging and plastics solutions that provide increased convenience and functionality.

"India is important to Dow's Packaging and Specialty Plastics business, and we will continue to develop differentiated and game-changing innovations that meet the evolving needs of our customers and members along the value chain," said Mark Saurin, Asia Pacific Commercial vice president, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. "Participating in PlastIndia 2015 enabled us to showcase our customised packaging capabilities and advanced technologies, and emphasize our commitment to the plastics industry in India." PacXpert™ Packaging Technology is Dow's latest and technologically advanced packaging solution that introduces a new dimension to storage with its distinctive flexibility and extensive functionality. The packaging material technology facilitates the conversion of large plastics containers into portable packages, providing endless possibilities for differentiated applications over a wide array of solid and fluid products in the industrial, businesses and residential sectors. PacXpert™ Packaging Technology offers several advantages along the entire supply chain, including sustainability and reduced environmental footprint, improved packing density for shipping, logistics and warehouse efficiency and enhanced comfort design for the user.

HMT series 360T for wide application

Ahmedabad-based PASL Windtech Pvt Ltd launched HMT series 360T model injection moulding machine in servo toggle from ranges 160 to 360 tonnes at the Plastindia 2015. "The model is having wide application in the manufacturing of household items, furniture, auto parts, medical, electric & electronics, EPVC/CPVC, writing instrument & PET bottles," explained Hitesh R. Shah, Director, Business Development, PASL Windtech (P) Ltd.

The company started making injection moulding machines around 18 months back, with having plant capacity of manufacturing 2,000 units annually. "It is a highly energy efficient model due to servo hydraulic option, consumes less water and gives high productivity," claimed Mr. Shah. PASL is regarded as the only Indian injection molding machine manufacturer with fully integrated manufacturing facilities which include state-of-the-art foundry, machine & fabrication shop. "The 360T offers user friendly operation with large tie-bar spacing and generous specifications. FEA analysis of all critical components under extreme loads we well as fatigue loads to ensure a life of minimum 1 million units," Mr. Shah added.

Interestingly, the firm has also adopted concept of "Made in India" throughout its supply chain and claims that 80% of its components are made in India. "We are continuously making efforts to ensure that more and more components are sourced inside the country," Mr. Shah emphasized.


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