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Portable water filtration system

Source:LIFESAVER systems

Date Published:6/4/2013 02:06:28 PM

LIFESAVER systems launches new emergency response product for humanitarian market

COLCHESTER, England – The LIFESAVER? cube is the latest addition to the LIFESAVER? family, developed for humanitarian crises and natural disasters. The compact and robust product optimised for the humanitarian sector because of its simplicity of manufacture, transportability, and ease of use. Each cube is able to produce 5 tonnes of sterile drinking water, where you need it, when you need it.

The patented and proven LIFESAVER technology  provides the only portable water filtration technology to remove all microbiological waterborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites and fungi from water without the need for any chemicals or the need for power or UV light.

The system will transform the disaster response toolkit for government and non-government agencies. Easily palletized for rapid deployment, the cube provides communities at risk with the ability to produce sterile drinking water for themselves, freeing up the response teams to address food, health and shelter requirements. The LIFESAVER cube is a compact, lightweight and cost effective addition for NGO's and global relief organizations looking for a proven solution to deliver instant relief to those in need.

LIFESAVER systems managing director Ashton Hunt said: "The development of the LIFESAVER cube demonstrates our commitment to the humanitarian sector. We took feedback from OXFAM and DFID, and in less than 12 months of design and testing, now have a unique and world class product in manufacture".

ISO 9001 certified, LIFESAVER systems has been manufacturing products based on their unique technology for over 6 years, serving four main global markets: humanitarian, emergency preparedness, military and retail. With many global military customers, the LIFESAVER bottle and jerrycan are in-service across Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. In the Humanitarian market, LIFESAVER works closely with Oxfam, The Red Cross, Shelternow and Medicine Sans Frontiers, as well as being part of the UK Rapid Response Facility for short notice deployment with the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

LIFESAVER retail products are available for purchase direct from

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