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PROMPT mechanical solutions at every turn

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia - December 2017

Date Published:12/5/2017 08:12:21 PM

Huang You-Zhong, General Manager of PROMPT shared his thoughts about the company’s latest technological developments and keys to success under the global economic scenarios.

Taichung-based machine tool manufacturer PROMPT was organized by a group of experienced professionals who aims to expand its reach, covering around 30 countries to date.

INTERNATIONAL METALWORKING NEWS FOR ASIA spoke to Mr. Huang You-Zhong, General Manager, to learn about this young and energetic company that has introduced a number of mechanical innovations. Mr. Huang shared his thoughts about PROMPT’s latest technological development trends and the keys to success under the tides of global forces.

He said that it is important to continue R&D, which is critical in the innovation process and establishing development goals. Huang mentioned PROMPT’s major machines, such as EDMs, machining centers, lathes, surface grinding machine and graphite/composite high-speed CNC milling machine. According to him, the company exhibited HMC-1300, EDM-432CS CNC, MT 210 x 750 CNC, EDM-4535 CNC during the recent EMO 2017 in Hannover, Germany.

“Customers find PROMPT has a complete product line of machines that are essential for every machining requirements. Thus, we provide machines for different types of work,” Huang said. Besides the vast equipment PROMPT produces, the company also has an excellent innovation strategy.

EDM, CNC milling machine

“The column moving EDM and graphite high-speed CNC milling machine are two special products that the company focuses on. The two products certainly stand out from other machinery manufacturers because it is filling the niche among other existing products in the market. PROMPT’s column moving EDM can compensate machining tasks that a double column machining center is limited in - such as smaller and more precise, delicate requirements in the aviation and electronics manufacturing industries. On the other hand, introducing the graphite high-speed CNC milling machine is quite significant given the properties that would cut abundant waste and cost in machining. Using graphite in machining is relatively new in Taiwan, and requires long process in R&D, experiment, and collaboration with research institutes,” he explained.

Still, Mr. Huang believes their efforts would rightfully show the company’s innovation ability, and ultimately provide a new solution in machining for customers.

The next step for PROMPT is in developing controllers and software system to enhance intelligent manufacturing in their machines.

South East Asia market

Not only does PROMPT has a unique approach in their product ranges, they also lead a different market strategy regarding international trade.

Mr. Huang sees difficulties as opportunities. With this belief, he was able to grow the company’s revenue in 2016, whilst the year appeared to be a gloomy year for many machine manufacturers. The fundamental precondition for Mr. Huang to secure the growth in uncertain times is to keep investing in R&D, and finding a niche in the harsh competitions between superpowers – namely China and the U.S. PROMPT was able to identify their position, and execute a plan that suits their development as a SME.

“Courage and being fearless of failures are essential”, he emphasized. For 2017, the company will formulate their promotion in South East Asia. Presently, PROMPT has already have a service and factory branch at Nonthaburi, Thailand. Mr. Huang wishes to extend their presence in the entire ASEAN region after Thailand. 


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