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P/T closure for baby food wins award

Source:Food Bev Asia

Date Published:12/7/2018 01:12:22 PM

Pelliconi’s Press-on Twist-off®/P/T seal is among winners at The Canmaker Summit. 

The PVC-free Press-on Twist-off®/P/T seal earned for Pelliconi the Canmaker Gold Award in the category of Caps, Ends and Closures, according to The Canmaker.

The SOPURE 51 seal (Pelliconi) with its PVC-free PROVALIN® sealant from Actega does away with PVC and all plasticizers classified as harmful or insufficiently tested. Unlike PVC, which can contain up to 45% fat-soluble plasticizers capable of migration on contact – especially with fatty foods (e.g. preserved meat and fish, cheese and other dairy products) this seal solution based on thermoplastic elastomers has extremely low-migration properties. That means, the PVC-free seal has no negative impact on food, and complies with all current EU and FDA specifications.

Food manufacturers, retailers and consumers who seek PVC-free and sustainable alternatives can consider PVC-free solutions for metal seals for food in glass jars. PROVALIN® was developed already some ten years ago, tested, refined, and gradually made ready for the market beginning in 2010 – last, but not least, because of corresponding EU regulations (including EU 10/2011 and PIM), merchandiser demand for solutions without PVC and plasticizers, and consumer demand for sustainable packaging materials. Since 2011, this sealing solution has been adopted commercially by some of the biggest distributors.

Pellconi's SOPURE 51 cap with PROVALIN® sealant from Actega (Photo: Pelliconi)

The PROVALIN® family has grown to include several variants tailored to specific contents and thermal curing (e.g., for the refrigeration chain, oily contents, sterilisation and pasteurization, etc.). With now more than one billion twist-off lids per year in the European market, there is no alternative to this PVC-free solution.

PROVALIN® 1771 and 1741 and the SOPURE 51 mm P/T seal is ideal for baby food and other fatty food types as well as all non-fatty food types and particularly sensitive contents.

Extensive tests, including in terms of processing, storage, vacuum retention, opening properties and migration, are available with outstanding results. The seal materials can dispense with both PVC and plasticizers as well as additives regarded as harmful by using thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as they do not require any further materials in order to guarantee the requisite degree of elasticity. The TPE technology does not require complex gelation in terms of time and temperature, thereby saving energy. TPE are recyclable and less waste is incurred during production.

With this P/T seal solution, Pelliconi and Actega DS offer all companies intent on sustainability who have their focus on consumers – in this case, the welfare of young children in particular – a legally-conformant and convincing alternative. According to the companies, it is only a matter of time until sealants containing PVC are removed from this area of the market, too. The trend toward PVC-free seals is simply inevitable in this sector.



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