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PT. Sanken Indonesia: Leader in design and production

Source:International Metalworking News Date:2020-04-17
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Imanuddin, Manufacturing Manager 

Established on July 25, 1997 in West Java, PT. Sanken Indonesia (SKI) is a subsidiary of Japan’s Sanken Electric Co. Ltd. Backed by a strong history in design and production, Manufacturing Manager Imanuddin shared with Kathryn Gerardino-Elagio of International Metalworking News for Asia what drives the company to deliver technological innovation and unprecedented level of quality and reliability, including its career and dealing with pressure.

IMNA: Tell us about the products that you manufacture

Imanuddin: We produce items, for instance switching power supply, ac adaptor, switching transformer, which is ISO 140001 approved in 2000 and ISO 9001 approved in 2002; as well as switching mode power supply, SMPS, ADP and UPS for application by category.

Around three years ago, we started to reduce making: office automation products, such as copy machine, printer and note PC; and consumer products: LED/LCD TV and audio mini-component/home theatre.

We are also into: 1) Industrial and amusement, such as factory automation, telecom, gaming and LED lamp.  2) Automotive such as sensor PCB for vehicle -window motor control- and sensor PCB for motorcycle speed sensor. 3) General Standard Power Supply, such as test equipment, medical (semi- customs C series, low noise high efficiency) and uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

IMNA: Do you have any particular requirement when purchasing materials and processing equipment? 

Imanuddin: As a practice, the purchase and sorting of materials and equipment needs are controlled by our head office in Japan. Our headquarters will direct and provide information related to price fluctuations and industrial conditions, so that material manufacturing plants can also look for possible resources to support customers, analyse the price of research and development, special requirements that refer to standards, such as RoHs and also equipment that supports the development of industry 4.0, for example global conditions in general.

IMNA: How have you set the points in the past to ensure that the company has developed in such a positive manner?

Imanuddin:  The consumer product business was getting smaller, and we realised that it is time to venture to other businesses. That is when we decided to enter the automotive business, we saw that this industry is growing. As a preparation, we built a clean room in 2013, and started PCB production for automotive in the clean room from 2014 until now.

IMNA: What can you say about the profit situation in Indonesia?

Imanuddin: The population pyramid in Indonesia shows a predominantly young age, so consumption of items, such as cars will not decrease. This point is interesting from the Indonesian market situation.

IMNA: Do you have any plans producing products for other industries not just automotive?

Imanuddin: Yes, we are planning to produce UPS (Uninterruptible Power Suplies) and PCS (Power Conditioning System) as product for renewable energy.

IMNA: Regarding demands in Indonesia, which are the most sought after products?

Imanuddin: We think the most sought after product is something related to connecting with internet (IoT product). Communication infra structure, which will be possible to control IoT product.

IMNA: In your opinion, what is your edge among your competitors?

Imanuddin: President and Director of PT. Sanken Indonesia Mr. Y. Sone believes that our company’s edge among our competitors is our way of providing: high quality, reasonable price, high reability and accurate delivery, coupled with our long history of 30-40 years in design and production.

IMNA: Can you tell us about your career, and how do you deal with pressure?

Imanuddin: I started my career at PT. Sanken Indonesia In March 2000 as a staff in the production department. In 2005, I became a supervisor with the responsibility of executing/releasing order based on production and material management system. Issuing suggestions on how to ensure 100% material availability to support operation of manufacturing, control inventory level as per defined budget, and so on.  And in 2013, I became a manager for coordinating activities related to the area of production planning, material planning, logistics, warehouse and distribution, and goal setting etc.

As a manager, I am always under pressure to consistently deliver impressive results. I’m charged with maximising return on marketing investment with minimal budgets. Pressure is everywhere, the most important thing is we know and always evaluate our weaknesses and always do self-innovation.

No matter how difficult are the problems we face at work, always be enthusiastic and strong-minded in overcoming them. I am not afraid of conflicts at work, because it is precisely with conflicts that personnel relations get better.

IMNA: Can you tell us what is behind your success?

Imanuddin: I am always grateful for what I have achieved and obtained so far. I communicate with my parents often; because the prayers and blessings I receive from them serve as my pillar.

My first step in action is planning. I am used to thinking what to do. Because the essence of that is where new efforts, creativity and improvement are born. At work, I always envisage how to get my work done quickly with good results, and according to the company's goals and expectation.

I always think about my priorities. With so much work on hand, I need to make a conscious effort to prioritise what needs to be done and what needs immediate actions.

I also create short-term and long-term work plans. Because in my opinion not all people have objectives in life, sad to say work is not one of them. I’m also not fond of reasons because it always ends up to making things undeveloped.

IMNA: Finally, how do you see the future, with special reference to PT Sanken?

Imanuddin: I believe PT. Sanken Indonesia is a reliable company in the field of power systems and general purpose UPS devices. We continue to develop and adjust according to the needs of the current situation and conditions. Our company is your partner in progress for electronization of car.




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