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Reclining wheelchair masterpiece

Source:Comfort Mobility Corp.

Date Published:6/7/2013 10:06:10 AM

LY-EB207- Bronco is fantastic fine art on wheels

AESTHETICS and ergonomics go hand in hand in the design of the LY-EB207- Bronco, a reclining power wheelchair from Comfort Mobility Corp. Functionality has been enhanced to achieve maximum comfort and mobility in the industry’s only power wheelchair with a hand-operated three-step system to adjust the footplate.

Aesthetic design Users can be cool and confident riding the Bronco, which has T-green on elements of the power wheelchair to enhance the streamlined design.

Ergonomics The back and leg can perform their respective positioning actions, and adjust the reclining angle up to 165 degrees. At the same time, the ergonomic seat back allows users to reduce shear friction. Four seat widths (510-, 460-, 420- and 380-mm) and seat load of up to 130kg provide a more diverse selection.

Functional design Whether seated or reclining, users can adjust the angle and foot length with the stepless adjustment system. This achieves the hip decompression so essential to reduce bedsores. A 12V x 62AH battery with high capacity improves product life.  The 9-inch front wheels and large 16-inch rear wheels, and the design of the rear suspension significantly enhance the climbing obstacle capability and comfort.


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