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Recycling technologies for the fast-growing region

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:6/14/2017 07:06:10 AM

 POLYSTAR has been manufacturing recycling machines for 30 years, serving various sectors. 
Plastics recycling has gained acceptance in the Southeast Asian region given the growing concerns for environmental protection. In this area, Taiwan-based POLYSTAR Machinery Co., Ltd. has taken a major leap forward. POLYSTAR has been manufacturing recycling machines for 30 years, serving the various sectors of the plastics industry with its broad range of crushing and shredding technologies known for their simplicity, ease of use, yet highly efficient operations. To date, over 3,500 machines have been sold to customers in 103 countries. International Plastics News for Asia (IRNA) talks to Jack Lin, Sales Manager at POLYSTAR on the company’s recycling machines and how these have been meeting the needs of customers in Southeast Asia.  
Jack Lin, Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd
                                               Mr. Jack Lin
IRNA: POLYSTAR has been providing high quality recycling machines for customers in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar, how are the responses of these customers on the POLYSTAR recycling machines?
Mr. Lin:  A customer in Thailand told us that the percentage of their pallets being reused for production increased from 40% to 50% (comparison based on same material) after using POLYSTAR’s recycling machine. It is extremely beneficial as their customers will have greater chances to reach different quality requirements when they sell the pallets to bag producers.
Polystar recycling
POLYSTAR has been supplying recycling machines to more companies around the world. 
Also we have quite a lot of growth in Myanmar recently, which is quite unique. Because in the past the country purchases mostly machineries from China, but now customers from Myanmar are more willing to place value above machine price when they make decisions. Thus, we got to introduce our high price-value ratio machines to the market.
In Indonesia, one of our customers is a maker of renowned T-shirt and garbage bags and this customer cited that POLYSTAR recycling machines are extremely easy to operate, and enable the workers to process all the in-house waste. The output of the machines are incredibly high and stable and because of this, our Indonesian customer has been running the machines for years. The high and consistent output and superior pellets quality are the reasons why our Indonesian customer continued to work with us. In fact the company has purchased it’s second POLYSTAR in 2016 after having worked with the first one since 2014.
IRNA: What specific advantages or benefits do these machines offer and what other additional services POLYSTAR has to further assist customers?
Mr. Lin: There are major comparative advantages of our recycling machines. For one, the machines turn out uniformed pallets as the high-tech pelletizing system ensures that the recycled pellets size are as uniform (same size) as possible. The round shaped recycled pellets are optimal for reprocessing in extrusion as the shape, size, property and color are very close to virgin material. There is also minimal material degradation as a higher percentage of recycled pellets can be re-used in the production process compared to the recycling machines that the company previously owned. The special screw design, advanced filtration and degassing system ensures that the material is processed at an optimal temperature. Our machines are easy to operate, yet extremely practical and offered at a mid-range price.
Besides, we have substantial expertise on in-house, post-industrial recycling of PE and PP packaging films over the past 30 years with thousands of installations worldwide. Around 80% of the mechanical parts are produced in-house, which implies very stable quality and source of supply. For the electrical parts, we outsource them to world-class companies - we are strategically partnered with companies such as Siemens, Fuji, Omron, Schneider and we use their components to provide higher efficiency and better stability in our machines. 
Not only do we have the experience in manufacturing this type of machine and technology to provide the best possible quality and stability. We are also able to provide recycling know-how to our clients.
IRNA: Can you give an overview on how POLYSTAR develops its machine models, such as R&D factor and other steps to achieve highly efficient machinery?
Mr. Lin: Ever since we started the company in 1988, our R&D has focused mainly on making the machines more user-friendly, simple and compact for our users. Having sold more than 3,500 lines helped us to do so because we are able to get a lot of feedback from our customers and we apply that as part of the re-engineering process. We are one step closer to making the machine simpler, and at the same time more efficient and stable.
Polystar Machinery Co., Ltd
R&D at POLYSTAR has focused providing user-friendly compact machines.
Besides, we take our customers’ feedback very seriously. We constantly review the feedback, and use them as the basis for mechanical improvements. We re-engineer details and refine our machines very regularly, they might not be obvious changes, yet the improvements polish machine’s operation quality, and this is the reason we can keep increasing the machineries’ output and energy efficiency. These two key conditions are among the most important R&D goals for POLYSTAR.  
IRNA: Do you have future expansion plans in the Asian region? How about for other regions? Please discuss.
Mr. Lin: We are very active in the Japanese market as well as the Chinese market since 2014 with various successful installations. In India, we experienced a significant rise in sales. We sold 20 machines to 20 different companies to India last year. We also participate in trade fairs every year in these markets and see the potential opportunities in these markets. In total, POLYSTAR has exported to 103 countries worldwide and our next move is to expand our European market.  
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