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Reduce your costs through digitalization

Source:TDM Systems GmbH Date:2020-08-05
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At this moment in time, machining companies are facing considerable challenges. Increasing pressure on costs due to the current crisis, pressure for further differentiation, a lack of transparency, fluctuations in incoming orders and a greater range of innovations require action to be taken and decisions to be made.

Act now and reduce your costs through digitalization

Digital tool management is a first step to achieving transparency, improving processes and reducing costs. Having a central database with demand-oriented tool data gives companies a transparent tool inventory and, in conjunction with order-based tool planning, reduces tooling costs by up to 25%. Digital integration of tool data into the planning and production processes is the first step to a practical Industry 4.0 solution. By doing this, you can achieve a great deal with little effort. Having secure machining know how, information about the tool requirements for every product and correctly assembled tools will reduce machine downtimes, minimize effort and costs, as well as increasing quality. In addition, by using the correct software, you can prevent tool data for various CAM and simulation systems from being maintained by multiple systems, while also making it easier to obtain the data you require.

One-stop shop for digital tool management

The two new main releases of the TDM and TDM Global Line software lines will be available in July 2020. For TDM Systems GmbH and its customers, it is important that there are successful further developments in all core product areas. TDM Systems has a technological standard and is working on future-oriented partnerships. "With our digital tool management, we want to provide a practical and innovative solution with high added value," says Dietmar Bohn, Managing Director of TDM Systems. "This is why we have aligned our development strategy with the future trends of the manufacturing industries."  TDM Systems is working on a range of areas with great vigor. This includes advanced shopfloor management, which – in conjunction with current partnerships with machine manufacturers and system providers for machine data acquisition – creates tremendous added value for our customers. TDM Systems believes that it is also in a strong position from a technological point of view. "Having easy-to-use cloud applications and entry-level solutions is very important to us and our customers. This is why we are working on a new cloud application to help companies enter the world of digital tool management," explains Dietmar Bohn.

Turning your digitalization ideas into reality

The further developments in the two main releases for 2020 underline the extensive (standard) potential applications of TDM software for planning and production. Implement your digitalization ideas for the planning and shopfloor organization of tools now and within just a few months you can benefit from improvements in your operations, greater transparency and flexibility, and significant cost savings.

A first glimpse of the TDM and TDM Global Line 2020 main releases

  • Improved data management: New functions and improved user-friendliness for greater convenience and efficiency in data and graphics creation. New applications for data and graphics generation and 3D model modification will be available with Global Line, including on the cloud.

  • Smart reporting: Real-time monitoring of tooling costs and production orders on the new Global Line Dashboard with reporting that can be individually defined.

  • Further enhanced user-friendliness in thesoftware application for planning, warehouse logistics, advanced shopfloor management and CAM data management. These improvements to applications and functions make the software easier to use and increase process efficiency.

  • Expansion of application scope: Innovative,new apps and modules in TDM 2020 and TDM Global Line 2020

  • Greater digitalization with the hybrid application of TDM and Global Line: Specifically for TDM 2020 users, TDM Global Line modules will provide ideal opportunities to upgrade to the latest TDM Global Line technology in a step-by-step approach. This includes connecting new locations, digitalizing shopfloor management and organizing tool logistics

Request your free online demo here and get to know the highlights of the new releases.


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