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Reinventing the art of transmission technology

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia- October 2018

Date Published:10/1/2018 10:10:32 PM

Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. This important piece of equipment transmits mechanical power

The breakdown of a gearbox would have serious implications, therefore extremely high reliability is demanded.

Sales Manager Stanley Liu of Li Xiang Mach & Elec Co. Ltd talked to International Metalworking News for Asia about the company's latest innovations, ensuring that its designs closely match customer needs.

"Backed by over 40 years of gear and transmission experience, the company is known by its brand, PEI GONG. Li Xiang’s gear manufacturing capabilities gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your gearbox or transmission system is in the hands of true professionals," Liu said.

The company designs and manufactures worm gear reducers, helical gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, gear motors, screw jacks, miter reducer, and so on. Recently, Li Xiang has reached out to initiate various applications in the automation technology.

“The Screw Jack System is the new product series we released this year. We have developed a long experience in transmission technology, and is currently tapping the automation components industry,” he disclosed. According to Liu, the spiral lift jack P series has the feature to reduce noise, while increasing speed and precision rate. It is widely applied in ball screws. He explained, “The spiral jacks offer different sizes to fulfil the request of various automation production lines.”

The goal of Li Xiang is to position itself as a total solution provider of the ever-advancing transmission technology. “We also target the transmission industry’s niche market; and plan to carry out projects, such as designing reducers for robots, which is a highly complex including high precision techniques. We wish to become an expert in offering the solution for reducers in robotic knuckles,” he added.

Machining strength recognised by Germans

“The emphasis on using top tier machines for manufacturing Li Xiang’s products is one of our most important commitment to quality. Fortunately, we have been recognised by clients across the globe with our excellent products. The result was specifically fruitful last year at the Hannover Messe,” Stanley remarked. He shared the experience of cooperating with a German client who produces gear boxes as well. The German company was searching for new suppliers for their own production. After several factory visits for both parties, Li Xiang has increased its knowledge from its German counterpart. On the other hand, the client has expressed its satisfaction by Li Xiang’s quality control and production capacity. The only concern was the access to raw materials, and having a stable source of supply in Taiwan. After a number of trials and tests to ensure the stability of raw materials, Li Xiang became a supplier of the German company.

Speaking of this latest experience, Liu summarised, “This is a firm recognition, which represents the progress of Li Xiang and our determination to improve. It is definitely an encouragement for the following inventions that we are planning on. Lastly, we will remain committed to delivering the best quality products to our niche markets.”



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