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The remaking of ASPEP Indonesia

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia- February 2019

Date Published:3/13/2019 03:03:37 PM

Asosiasi Pengerjaan Logam dan Permesinan (ASPEP) Chairman Oei Jam Tjhioe aims to rebuild the once active association, and play a greater part in Indonesia's economic growth. 

Oei Jam Tjhioe, Metal and Machining Association (ASPEP)

Oei Jam Tjhioe, Metal and Machining Association (ASPEP)

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies, and has a population larger than Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, or Japan. What's unusual about Indonesia is that it is also a growing player at the other end of the supply chain: metals. Indonesia, where mining is an important industry, produces massive amounts of metals, a key material for metalworking end product producers. Its proximity to fabrication and assembly facilities in the rest of Asia is also a selling point for the Jakarta government.

Kathryn Gerardino-Elagio spoke to Mr. Oei Jam Tjhioe, Chairman of Metal and Machining Association (ASPEP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. As one of the founders of ASPEP, Oei Jam Tjhioe shared the challenges they encounter including priorities for the association.

ASPEP is the Association of Metal and Machining Works. It is one of the most important manufacturing sector in Indonesia. The association was formed by the encouragement of the West Jakarta Regional Office of the Ministry of Industry. “We are united in the similarities of different metal and machinery businesses, each with the same goal, mutual exchange of experience, information resources, technology, promotion, problem solving, meeting HR needs, through Vocational Education and Training, and equating perceptions of industrial standardisation, and others, activities to advance the manufacturing industry, especially the Metal Work sector,” he explained.

Its mission is to harmonise industry standards and forming sectors to meet the needs of HR (Human Resources). Carry out Dual System Vocational Education and Training to establish cooperation between SME companies especially in the industrial sector in order to be able to produce quality products. Create discussion forums and Industrial Research to help solve technical problems and member management.

Oei Jam Tjhioe revealed, “Although we started quiet early in the automotive industry field,  manufacturing in metalwork is a big role for ASPEP as a vendor for OEMs;  but the most challenging problem facing ASPEP is the fact that it has not grown as big and strong enough professionally to influence in this field of industry.”

He added, “The major opportunity in this sector of industry is developing the equivalent of industrial standard similar with advance countries, and the development of Vocational Education and Training in the Dual system adopting the German Dual system in nationwide scale.”

“After the slowdown of activity since monetary crisis in year 2008, ASPEP has begun trying to make renaissance of the association, through the membership re-registration, new membership promotion,  followed by making the website, and promoting the VETDS, but still unsuccessful as of today,” Oei Jam Tjhioe further said.

Rebuilding ASPEP

He shared, “My priority is to rebuild the once active association of ASPEP. We wish the now active members to work together to promote VETDS as a common interest target,  and enhance the new membership, further advance the association to Industrial Research, and develop the Industrial Standard equivalent to an established developed country's standard which is well-known worldwide.”

ASPEP is reviving with a renewable spirit. With a vision: To build cooperation between businesses related to metalworking, manufacturing and fabrication and trying to form a network of production, and link between various specialised businesses.

Tjhioe hopes to see ASPEP expand and play a greater part in Indonesia's economic growth. Although they still have some distance to cover, but with a set benchmarks in terms of technology, safety initiatives and environmental sustainability, success will be accomplished. For there is no meaning to success without struggle.

Along with its passion and dedication to ASPEP, Tjhioe is strong to drive change and rise above any resistance the association may encounter. With very rapid changes in technology occurring on an almost daily basis, no one can afford to just stand still.


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