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Russia's aluminium production to grow by 2012

Source: Date:2010-06-28
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According to the latest "European Aluminium Market Analysis" research report, Russia, being one of the largest exporters of primary aluminium, has seen continuous increase in the production level amid surging domestic and international demand. The primary aluminium production in Russia will continue to post around 11.2% CAGR during 2010-2012, backed by various prevailing trends discussed and evaluated in the report. High energy prices in Western Europe have left aluminium companies with no other option but to shift to low cost countries, such as Russia where labour and energy are available at lower cost. The worldwide recession heavily affected the two major aluminium consumers - automobile and construction sectors. This led aluminium industry to face downturn and the situation is likely to continue until mid-2010. A steep rebound in the industry is expected by the end of 2010 on the back of government support, improving macroeconomic environment and gaining consumer confidence.Air Jordan 1


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