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Safe-Lock modification for cutting tool shanks

Source: Date:2008-10-27
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Haimer introduces "Safe-Lock," the anti-pull out grooves, which can be added to the shank of cutting tools to prevent the tool from twisting out of the tool holder during extreme machining conditions. This added groove modification on the cutting tool shank works opposite the cutting direction of the flutes, assuring the proper gripping on the cutting tool. It helps avoid costly scraping of expensive parts, and allows the customer to use the most technological tool holders systems available, such as shrink fit tooling, with full confidence. The shrink fit tool holder in conjunction with the "Safe-Lock" groove minimizes run-out, which increases the cutting tool life and minimizes vibration on the workpiece and in the spindle of the machining center. More importantly, a more stable and solid set-up has allowed customers to push their machines much more aggressively, leading to deeper cuts and faster feed rates. This allows the customers to machine their parts faster and increase productivity.

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