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S.E. Asia remains Chin Fong’s key market

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia- October 2018

Date Published:10/5/2018 08:10:54 AM

Chin Fong Machine sees South East Asia as a dynamic entrepreneurial environment and is in the progress of steady growth. 

The nations of South and South East Asia (S.E. Asia) are living the current economic landscape with differing levels of success. Still, the region remains a major target for foreign direct investment. Everyone acknowledges that this region represents the growth market of the future. There is no doubt that S.E. Asia will grow faster than any region in the world and this holds true for most foreign investors.        

Taiwan-based mechanical press manufacturer Chin Fong Machine sees the region as a dynamic entrepreneurial environment. In his last interview with International Metalworking News for Asia, General Manager Simon Tseng shared their views on emerging markets. Let’s see how the company is performing six months after the interview.

According to Tseng, the company has a comprehensive operation in S.E. Asia. It has established branches in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to respond to the demands from the local market.”

Although the region’s demography is very young, the domestic demand is in the progress of steady growth. This has contributed towards our revenue for this market. In additional to the booming automobile, home appliances and hardware industries in S.E. Asia; China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative stirs regional collaboration that will help transform global trade,” he said.

Tseng stressed that Chin Fong will take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that their operations in S.E. Asia will continue to improve.

Sheet metal forming landscape

When asked about the company’s sheet metal forming landscape, Tseng stated, “Chin Fong is the leading equipment manufacturer globally, and we have gained positive feedbacks especially in the S.E. Asia region for several decades. The versatility of our brand value is that we are able to provide various solutions in accordance to the intensive market competition in the area, we can offer practical style of machining that help customer see real improvements in statistics and production. We are valued not only as an equipment supplier, but the partner/consultant to stay competitive in the sector.”

The company has a wide range of press machines for the metal forming industry. He explained, “We are able to support the production of thin and thick sheet metals, bars, including materials that require high accuracy, difficult-to-machine, light alloy materials, and small-batch productions. We also have fitting solutions and machines in the surging technology, as well as automation and integrational production that are designed to service every possible problem in the metal forming sector.”

The history of Ching Fong dates back to the middle of 19th century. The company has played a part in the industry for 70 years; putting in considerable efforts to enhance its relations with its customers.

“We will not be complacent about our achievements and we will strive to achieve even better results in the future,” Tseng finally said.


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