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Setting the benchmark for quality products

Source:Ringier     Date:2011-11-16
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Mr. Fawaz Burashid, General Manager, Bahrain National Plastic Company

Mr. Fawaz Burashid, General Manager, Bahrain National Plastic Company

IRNE: What are the products manufactured by BANAPCO and the target industries where these are being utilised?

Mr. Burashid: We make roto moulded PE and PVC products under the brandname 'Banapco'. These include a whole range of water storage tanks, road barriers, traffic cones, litter bins, trolley, different types of uPVC pipes for soil and waste, pressure application and electrical conduit pipes, whilst floating docks are amongst our major products. 

BANAPCO caters to both private and government sectors of the whole Bahrain. For the public sector, we service and install our products for projects of the Ministry of Traffic, Ministry of Housing and other local ministries requesting our product and services.

For the private sector, we have a huge network of dealers and distributors of our product, as well as private construction and contractor companies in Bahrain which order regularly our products for their use in their various projects.

IRNE: How do you meet the demands of your customers?

Mr. Burashid: We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).  We are very sensitive about price. Since we know the local market behaviour, we ensure that our prices remain competitive and affordable. In this regard, we also make sure that our quality does not suffer. 

Quality and customer satisfaction being our corporate buzzword, serves as our focus. We strive to raise our standards of performance so as to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in quality.

Our products have become the benchmark for several other companies which are in their respective pursuit of excellence. Strict quality guidelines followed during the manufacturing processes ensure years of high performance use. Rugged, impact resistant one piece PE construction makes 'Banapco' products the number one choice for customers.

Under the strict guidance and supervision of Banapco's qualified technical staff with the help of the latest technology, machinery and workmanship and by complying with the universal application of American Standards for maintaining the exact quality in production process as well as for products, "Banapco" carries with it the tradition of excellence the world has come to expect from a roto moulded PE product manufacturing firm.  

IRNE: What latest trends do you follow in your selection of production inputs and equipment?

Mr. Burashid:  BANAPCO use the modern extrusion process in our production and so we closely monitor developments in this area. We import our equipment and our technical team gets support as far as training and operation are concerned from our suppliers. Such support has ensured that we maximise the use of these machines and come up with excellent quality products. 

Our raw materials are sourced from reputed manufacturers in the Middle East, and one of them is Saudi Basic Industrial Corporation (SABIC). Our raw material supplies are 100% from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with our Research and Development team making in-house modifications in the mixing of chemicals to meet our customers' requirements. 

The raw material we use is linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). This has good  processing performance and physical properties which make it suitable for rotational moulding. It is designed to provide excellent stress crack resistance, excellent mechanical properties, high rigidity, high toughness, good surface gloss, low warp age, amongst other features. That is why we got 100% of our supply from SABIC because they meet the UK standard which is tZoom Kobe XIII ZK13


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