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Source: Date:2008-11-18
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A pioneering spirit in a bold new age Apart from its much sought after PE stretch film making machines and liquid PIB pump system, there's a tough pioneering spirit on display at Chyi Yang or, as they call it in a more literal translation, Cheer Young. Marketing manager Teresa Kuo talks knowledgeably about plastic types and textures, PE stretching and sealing and PP to pack - and the way in which her company's machinery is able to transform them into everyday necessities such as bags and food packaging. "Doing it all yourself" says Kuo, is part of the motivation and Cheer Young' s success story. It' s not only company policy but also makes good sense to use components designed in-house or made locally. "That way you avoid problems of gearbox compatibility and the likes," she says. Cheer Young's enterprising ways have encouraged it to go into recycling. With oil prices going up, the costs of raw materials have risen by as much as 300% and costs can go down if recycling is used. For instance, the 70:30 wood and plastic mix for piping and construction is an excellent combination that can give outdoor furniture a longer life - up to 25 years or more. With its pioneering track record over 40 years, the company has built solid markets in some 70 countries, from Ethiopia in Africa to Venezuela in Latin America. The global economic downturn has not dampened Cheer Young' s optimism as it plans to build a new factory in Taipei next year.

Chyi Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. Tel: +886-2 2993 7655 Fax: +886-2 2994 9765 E-mail: Website: Contact: Teresa Kuo, Marketing Manager

Living up to its name Going with and above the flow at a show pervaded by the all-electric trend, Creator Precision Co. debuted its new two-toned All Electric Plastic Injection Molding and High Speed Hydraulic direct Clamping Injection Molding Machine Series CI-90S. As explained by Marketing Manager Kevin Lee, the machine can be applied in high speed, precision products such as lenses, medical and electrical parts. No doubt, he says, with its energy saving and eco-friendly features, it sets the future trend in the industry and in the Asian region. The High Speed Hydraulic direct Clamping Injection Molding with MOOG adapts a double fast cylinder design clamping unit and simple, accurate single injection cylinder. With a 10" color LCD screen any number of operations and functions, such as machine status, are viewable. Production of some 250 machines a year takes place at its factory in Taichung and most of them end up in Southeast Asia, the company's main market although demand is growing in Eastern Europe and Latin America for injection molding machines. "We want to make our machines as reliable as possible while at the same time reduce costs." The global recession may erode sales by as much as 30% this year but manufacturers are still hopeful of a bright future.

Creator Precision Co., Ltd Tel: +886-4 2337 6000 Fax: +886-4 2337 9000 E-mail: Website: Contact: Kevin Lee, Marketing Manager

Innovative machine gets "Super Excellent Prize" Jubilation reigned on the Fong Kee International Machinery誷 Booth on the third day of the show. The company had received the 許uper Excellent Prize?for its 90 mm PP Extrusion Line by Steel Belt System during the awards ceremony the previous evening. Company Vice President Charles Wei beamed as he explained that this ingenious new machine was specially designed for thin sheets of 0.2 to 0.5mm and is a new version of the company?s sheet extrusion line with the addition of a steel belt system for obtaining highly transparent with a high glossy mirror surface and accuracy of the sheet thickness.Adidas Yeezy


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