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Simple solution for greater efficiency

Source: Date:2010-06-22
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CERMEX has finally decided to unveil one of its leading innovations that has been shrouded in secrecy until now: the ProSelex®for ensuring high efficiency in case packing of three or more product formats. Compact, simple and respectful of products, this patented solution has proved its efficiency for all types of secondary packaging (RSC, wrap around blanks or trays) for both side and top loading applications. A complete break from all other current solutions, the module does away with accumulation to ensure total product protection without rubbing, nor dividing. Products are spaced out by servo-driven lateral bands, which can be adjusted to suit the product shape and resistance. For certain bottles, spacing is done by servo-driven selecting starwheels. An ingenious device, simple in principle, ProSelex is nevertheless a high-speed system with a capacity of 250 products per minute. A speed of 300 products per minute can be achieved by combining the ProSelex with an Electronic Phaser for pre-collating several products in the same bucket. Cermex T: +33 380 707 100 F: +33 380 792 900 Email: Web: FME231Air Max 95 20th Anniversary


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