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Smart dual solution for IIoT-capable digitisation of manufacturing processes

Source:International Metalworking News for Asia- April 2019

Date Published:4/23/2019 04:04:57 PM

Digitisation poses enormous challenges for companies in terms of production. Many have taken up the subject of “IIoT” – Industrial Internet of Things – but entering this new world is hard for them. 

Reason enough for the Austrian waterjet specialist STM to make “IIoT” possible for small and medium enterprises with a combination of machine-to-machine (M2M)-capable high performance systems and complete application advice. The success formula: STM systems have been M2M-capable for years already and enable data exchange via all currently possible interfaces. On the one hand, this is ensured by the SmartCut software which enables a complex data exchange with work preparation, CRM and process control systems.

Then again, the systems can be linked with standardised interfaces like ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, UDP protocol or OPC server in order to connect them to other cutting machines, automatic loading machines or robots. Next to the technical flexibility, product flexibility also pushes the limits of the previously feasible. Because with the company’s waterjet cutting systems, all kinds of materials can be cut with full automation and energy efficiency without any conversion effort – whether custom-made or in series.

In the last decade, the application engineers of STM have additionally developed profound know-how on how production data can be exchanged and used in a more or less open network. They help operators of waterjet cutting systems with issues like how and which data can be processed intelligently using STM systems. The Austrian technological company thus proves how profitable the cold-cutting process can be and simultaneously turns change management into a manageable task.


Since M2M has already been a standard at the company for years, it now focuses on preparing the ground for customers into the “Industrial Internet of Things” with customised personal consulting. Unlike with multi groups, the application engineers are prepared to take customers “by the hand” with the digitisation of production and to explore all options regarding data exchange and intelligent data processing in an interdisciplinary manner.

For this, the crucial parameters are collected on the basis of efficiency studies, feasibility as well as cost-benefit analyses, made accessible to all involved departments and transferred to the system configuration. Factors like wear, energy and time effort can thus be anticipated and optimised automatically in the future. This is especially effective because the company also consistently provides structural support for the future viability of production.

Current-saving drives and guides with lightweight construction contribute along with energy-saving components like LED lights and a highly-efficient power supply. In the heart of the waterjet cutting systems, the high-pressure pump, the ideal ratio between CW connected load to pressure and litres per minute additionally ensures minimum energy consumption.

But even beyond the energy aspect, waterjet cutting “powered by STM” is economically and ecologically feasible and on top of it an exceedingly flexible manufacturing technology. In terms of economic efficiency, it convinces especially with its high level of automation, minimum tool costs as well as low material loss. The usually customary post-processing due to thermal deformation or burrs is eliminated completely. Maintenance requirements are also low, most problems can be resolved quickly and inexpensively via remote maintenance. Effective logistics and short delivery routes ensure smooth operation.

On the ecological side, waterjet cutting becomes attractive because neither gases nor dusts are generated during operation. Process water and seals can additionally be recycled easily and residual materials separated and disposed of properly. The operation of the Austrian firm’s systems is hereby not only user-friendly but also universal: All kinds of materials can be cut without conversion costs. Parallel pure water and abrasive cutting is possible – regardless of whether 2D, 3D, pipe or robot cutting is required.

The technology additionally convinces through unique precision, low cutting widths and optimal cut-edge quality. Highly complex and delicate cutting sequences can be carried out in a single work step – even without producing tempering effects, material stresses and thermal distortion. The crowning advantage of waterjet cutting technology is the wear-resistance of the machines. And thanks to the fact that they only use series components with long-term availability, the machines have a nearly unlimited service life and can moreover be upgraded to match requirements. In view of these attractive general conditions, it is no wonder that investments in waterjet cutting technology receive state subsidies across the EU.

The Austrian specialists are able to say whether and how waterjet cutting can be sensibly integrated into an individual manufacturing process within just a few days. But not only that: Interested parties can also carry out test cutting at the company and rent test machines for several months without obligation. Second-hand systems and financing models mean that procuring a machine is still possible even if the room for financial maneuvers is tight. This makes production-technical restructuring a workable as well as low-risk pleasure.


STM is a provider of waterjet cutting systems with its head office in Eben, Austria and Schweinfurt, Germany. For more than 20 years, the traditional company has developed future-proof production solutions, mainly for the steel, aluminium, and metal, plastic, stone and glass industries, which are most notable for their efficiency, ease of use and resistance to wear. Alongside future-proof technology and quality as standard, the company places great emphasis on innovative full service. In so doing, the brand manufacturer ensures that its individual manufacturing processes are continually.


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