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Sophisticated system components

Source: International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:11/28/2018 08:11:38 PM

Components in a plastic processing system are relevant to the overall operations of the production set-up.  .

Zambello gearboxes can meet demand for efficiency despite large volume output.

Zambello gearboxes can meet demand for efficiency despite large volume output.

Components in a plastic processing system are relevant to the overall operations of the production set-up. Whether it be an extrusion,injection moulding or blow moulding production system, components do play a vital role in ensuring efficient operations.

Zamer, the distributor of Zambello gearboxes in Asia,supplies key components in plastics extruders and injection moulding machines, such as Italian gearboxes from Zambello Group, OEMER motors SpA, and other kinds of high-efficiency servo motors. The partnership with these two global companies has enabled Zamer to develop sophisticated professional design and gain manufacturing experience. Its assembly of transmission components of motors, gearboxes and co-rotating twin screws is a clear example of the expertise it has gained over the years.

Motors, gearboxes and screws are the heart of injection moulding machines, and thus it is essential for buyers to consider the quality and production efficiency guaranteed by these components. Zamer General Manager, Mr. Lin, states that the key trend in the technology of gearboxes is moving towards the direction of larger machine capability and more stable performance. “Zambello’s applications of gearboxes in recent years are mainly in the field of production by large batches of chemical raw materials extrusion machines, which are capable of producing 5-6 tonnes per hour”.

Gearboxes from Zambello Group as well as OEMER motors have been involved in the Asian market for over 20 years. Its products include TST 35/42 COR Co-rotating twin screw gearbox super high torque type; LQ Liquid cooled inverter duty motor; and HQLa air cooling inverter duty motor, LTS Torque motor; QLS Permanent magnets motor. The advantages offered by these products include accurate design and precise fabricating and treatment; strict assembly and effective inspection process.

With the rapid development in the plastics machinery sector, greater demand is placed on the production systems to process varying types of plastic materials. Hence, the material fabricated technology as well as the production process must be strong and revolutionary. In this aspect, extruders must offer diverse solutions more than ever - such as screw profile modifications, screw speed increase, and higher output, with greater motor power - all of which should be accomplished with the aid of a gearbox that serves as the heart of the extruder.

Zambello gearbox is one of the undeniably important transmission components that can be applied for extrusion or injection moulding machines geared for the automotive, construction, packaging and medical industries.

Centralised adhesive supply system

Baumer hhs successfully staged the premiere of the Xfeed at one of the exhibitions this year. The company introduced this innovative centralised adhesive supply system for hot melt units to the public for the first time. With a number of unique features, the Xfeed offers significant advantages particularly when relatively high volumes of hot melt need to be applied on a gluing line. While the first application demonstrated covered the packaging sector, including end-of-line processes, other sectors such as the furniture and automotive industries, can also benefit from a centralised adhesive supply in a variety of ways.

Markus Leier, Director of Sales at Baumer hhs, cited that large packaging manufacturers and endof- line service providers alike are receiving Xfeed with open arms. Adhesives manufacturers in particular are interested in centralised adhesive supply system because with Xfeed, they can offer customers new ways to optimise logistics by delivering adhesives in larger containers, which are both an economical and ecological advantage since they reduce packaging waste and simplify transport.

The automated, closed-loop system efficiently supplies adhesive granules on-demand to up to 20 hot melt units from a central storage location, bridging long distances of up to 200 metres even at high feed rates. In addition to the Xmelt family of hot melt units from Baumer hhs, the Xfeed is also compatible with systems from all other manufacturers. In other words, with Xfeed, customers can centrally supply even heterogeneous system configurations with adhesive. Both of these features are unique on the market.

Furthermore, centralised adhesive supply with Xfeed means increased ease-of-operation. Gone are the days when machine operators had to handle and transport sacks of adhesive granules or store them at their machines. Because the hot melt units remain closed at all times during production, the possibility of accidents occurring at work, such as burns, can be eliminated entirely. The system further offers simple operation via an intuitive touchscreen menu. What’s more, a centralised adhesive supply promotes a cleaner work environment: No granules are spilled in production any more, and the adhesive can no longer be contaminated on the way from material storage to the hot melt systems.

Baumer hhs launched Xfeed - a centralised adhesive supply system

Baumer hhs launched Xfeed - a centralised adhesive supply system

Supplying hot melt units with adhesive granules on-demand ensures that the adhesives are consistently delivered at the same viscosity every time, meaning the method guarantees maximum stability for gluing processes. At the Xfeed Centre, the operator can select the quantity of adhesive to be conveyed to each hot melt unit as required for a specific application.

Thanks to the system’s modular design, customers can flexibly adapt automated glue supply to their specific needs. As a rule, conveying adhesive granules with Xfeed is more costefficient than manual supply for upwards of five hot melt units. Depending on the number of units connected and the local setup, the Xfeed can cut costs by up to 90%. Finally, statistics provided by the system help to optimise adhesive consumption.

At Baumer hhs, customers have just one representative for their entire gluing process, which means they get all the system components and services they need from a single source. The Xfeed, with all of these advantages, rounds out the company’s range of products and services for hot melt application. Solutions from Baumer hhs offer all kinds of possibilities for optimising gluing processes end-to-end while achieving high energy efficiency, starting with storage, feed, distribution and filling, and extending to melting, conveying and application, as well as quality control and monitoring.

Compact stack mould

Specifically for the construction of stack moulds, HRSflow has added to its product range a special low-height actuator for hot runner valve gate systems. The advantage of this ‘Compact Stack Mould’ technology is derived from the staggered arrangement of the cylinders to the side of the nozzle and the use of rocker levers to transmit the movement from the cylinder to the needle and tip solution used.

HRSflow introduces a special low-height actuator for hot runner valve gate system

HRSflow introduces a special low-height actuator for hot runner valve gate system

Stack moulds made in this way have much lower construction heights than versions in which the cylinders and needles are aligned. The required plate thickness is then 132 mm for offset nozzles and 212 mm for in line nozzles in the case of HRSflow’s Ga range designed for medium to large shot weights. Available for PP, ABS and PC/ABS, this new technology is mainly used for big automotive parts such as bumpers and non-automotive applications such as bins or pallets.

Stack moulds have two or more parting lines. This makes it possible to fill cavities arranged in a row with one shot, thus increasing productivity. Typical applications include, for example, the simultaneous manufacture of differently shaped parts that are then immediately assembled to create a subassembly. Although the addition of a further cavity level allows a correspondingly higher shot volume, it does not bring about any increase in the required locking forces. Nevertheless, the mould weight rises due to the larger number of plates, and the fact that the tie bar guides for the moving mold halves and the support of the plates must have sufficient stability.

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