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Storp Flacon Collection featured at Le Grand Musée du Parfum

Source:Ringier Trade Media

Date Published:5/19/2017 03:05:57 PM

The first scent-centric attraction of its kind in the world presents the unique Storp Collection  

Known as the first scent-centric attraction of its kind in the world, the impressive perfume museum, Le Grand Musée du Parfum, is located in a town house in the heart of the prestigious 8th district of Paris. This private museum was developed by historians, smell researchers, scientists, designers, and perfumers. It took two years of preparation before the museum was finally opened in mid-December 2016.

Le Grand Musée du Parfum is designed to be a “hymn to perfume” with its primary focus to get people to reconnect with their sense of smell. Visitors of the museum become part of a multi-sensory journey through the history and science of scent and perfume-making, with a host of features ranging from high-tech graphic, video and sound installations.

Storp Collection

The museum houses a massive private collections of perfume objects such as flasks, perfume vases and small ancient containers. The vast majority of the exhibit is a selection of the most precious pieces of the unique Storp Collection – a private flacon collection composed of more than 3,000 rare pieces spanning historical periods. Some of the pieces are almost 6,000 years old. The exhibits are an exceptional testimony to the fine art of perfumery throughout the centuries

The Storp Collection was initiated in 1911 by drom founder Bruno Storp and his wife, and was kept secret within the rooms of the in-house flacon museum at the drom fragrances headquarters in Munich for 100 years. Since 2010, three main exhibitions were chosen to show off the exquisite pieces of the Storp Collection and these exhibitions were in Paris, New York and Venice. More exhibitions are being planned in the future. 

Storp Collection


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