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Taiwan Palmary keen to penetrate Gulf market

Source:     Date:2010-05-24
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Taiwan-based grinding machine manufacturer Palmary Machine Co. Ltd President C.L. Cheng shared with International Metalworking News-Middle East its approach in penetrating the Gulf market. IMNE: What steps are you taking in developing your Gulf market? Mr. Cheng: Customers in the Middle East usually rely on industrial products from Europe and the U.S., but since Asian countries are now doing well, many customers from the Gulf regions turn to Asia to purchase their equipment. So, this is a good opportunity for us to introduce Taiwan made machine tools in the Middle East. Seeing that the price of international energy resources is going up, customers in the Middle East are forced to lower their costs; as a result we expect many visitors from the Gulf to attend big exhibitions in Asia. In the Middle East, we don't only participate in local exhibitions but we also visit customers through the help of our distributors. We want to make an impression that we can supply their needs anytime. Furthermore, we also like to offer technical service to our customers when we visit them. IMNE: What market segments are you focusing in the Gulf? Mr. Cheng: Palmary is looking at the processing components market, such as the rubber, automotive and construction industries, which require the use of machineries. We dabble on the above mentioned industries in the Gulf, especially the automotive industry, which is originally our main application industry in the Asian market. But recently, the petrochemical industry's growing need for machineries to reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs are also increasing including the construction industry's demand for equipment. Palmary is in very good spirits serving its customers in various industries. We don't lose a single opportunity to serve all our customers; this is Palmary's main strength. IMNE: Can you tell us a bit about your research efforts in the Gulf? Mr. Cheng: We look forward to Gulf's growing economic stability. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) formed by Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, is an important organisation in the region. GCC is pushing ahead with its plans to achieve monetary union by 2013. A common currency would allow the GCC to play a more active role in the international economic arena. With this, we aim to strengthen our presence in the region and develop our selling strategies. IMNE: In terms of technology in the Gulf, where do you see a need for action? Mr. Cheng: The mechanical skills of the Persian Gulf states have different standards, hence the need for technology. However, the effectiveness is still not fast enough. Because of this, we provide trainings to our business agents and distributors so that they can give our customers the maintenance service they immediately need. Also, we arrange for the technical personnel of our business agents and dealers for a non-periodical training in Taiwan. We supply the technical resources including a technician from Taiwan to support them on their regular visiting schedules. Furthermore, we also train them how to reply and meet the customer's inquiries. IMNE: How do you think of the post crisis situation? Mr. Cheng: In recent years, energy supply is reducing and environmental issues and the economic crisis appear. We must all do our share in implementing comprehensive programs for the efficient supply and economical use of energy. We only have one earth. Conservation and maintenance of ecological balance for the benefit of all humanity is a very important issue to ponder. IMNE: Do you agree that customer demand has already returned? Mr. Cheng: Due to the 2009 recession, many customers freeze or cancel their original purchase budgets. But demand from regular customers still exists. HAir Jordan I High


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