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TPE meets demands of industrial tooling and equipment sectors

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2020-02-12
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The highly competitive and capital-intensive industries including automotive, construction, aerospace, consumer goods, and energy continue to expand along with the rising urbanization and emerging global markets.  To stay competitive, industry players rely on maintaining output quality and efficient output capacity with the right tooling and equipment, notwithstanding the need to meet the stringent safety criteria for these heavily regulated industries.
KRAIBURG TPE, a global TPE manufacturer of a wide range of thermoplastic elastomer products and custom solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality and custom-engineered compounds for a range of industrial tooling and equipment applications to enhance their functionality and design,  and to help manufacturers comply with various industrial demands. Its THERMOLAST® K AD/PA series is the material solution for applications with excellent adhesion to PA, including PA6 and PA6.6 up to 50% glass fiber. Insert molding process is possible for this compound.
Kraiburg TPE
THERMOLAST® K AD/PA series renders UV resistance, as well as soft-touch surface. Additionally, the TPE series is UL 94 HB listed possesses a wide hardness range, from 25 Shore A to 80 Shore A, making its compounds suitable for a broad range of applications including cable clips, function and design elements, grommets, handles for hand tools and power tools, seals and thumb wheels; as well as in hand drill handle and screw holder, headlamp seal, and many more.
Another product, the For Tec E® AD/PAX/CR series meets the requirement for resistance to skin oils, sunscreen, olive oil and acetone.  It has outstanding adhesion properties to polyamides lie PA12, PA6 and PA6.6 and polyarylamides. Likewise UL 94 HB listed, these compounds are the material solution for two-component-seals in electronic applications and soft-touch grips and handles of machine tools, including attenuators for electronic housings, connectors, handles on power tools, seals for housings.
KRAIBURG TPE builds on its core competencies for reliability, durability and sustainability. Its customers can opt for a range of service package such as customization of TPEs to suit their market needs. Its specialized in-house teams are ready to provide support throughout the entire process of the TPE production.   
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