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TPU as eco-friendly and lightweighting option

Source:International Plastics News for Asia

Date Published:10/2/2018 01:10:41 PM

Great Eastern Resins Industrial Co., Ltd. (GRECO) has released products that could replace rubber used in outsoles for footwear manufacturing.
In the category of TPU resins, GRECO has released products that could replace rubber used in outsoles for footwear manufacturing. The purpose for TPU replacing traditional raw materials is to expand eco-solutions on one hand, and reduce processing time on the other hand. A plus factor is that TPU can also improve the actual performance of the end-product. 
Other material alternative offered is the ISOTHANE Calendar series, which can replace PVC in the manufacture of synthetic leathers. The primary advantage of using ISOTHANE Calendar series is that it can increase the abrasive resistant level as well as flame-resistant capability of the end-product.  
ISOTHANE 7000 Series Aliphatic Grade is another enhanced series that has non-yellowing features, low temperature flexibility and excellent resilience property.  These new features will lead the way of numerous practical uses for TPUs, such as those for complicated applications like for the protection films of automobiles.  
Future product development efforts
GRECO placed emphasis on its future development roadmap for TPU which would concentrate on improving the R&D efforts in expanded-TPU. The goal is to make expanded-TPU into pellets and let them expand through microcellular process, which would be processed by injection moulding machines to produce  environmentally-friendly TPU foam. TPU foam has the resilience of over 60% and at the same time, it maintains its flexibility even under low temperature. GRECO sees this materials as an extremely beneficial option when lightweighting solutions, are demanded, such as in the energy industry.  
More pioneering projects are being tested between GRECO and its customers. In 2017, GRECO explored new markets for TPUs, including using corn-extracted bio-based option for making TPU bibs by its Swedish customer for the Chinese market. The other practice is to use long fibre-reinforced thermoplastic for  wind turbines which would then enable the turbines to achieve wind resistance and prolong its lifespan. Long fibre-reinforced TPU has the advantages of  great tensile strength for wind resistance aside from offering lighter than metal option and design flexibility to enable highly accurate fitting for the turbines. 
The final development for TPU will centre on the promotion of engineering grade application. ISOTHANE 8000 are TPU engineering grades that appear to be property-suitable for extruder and injection moulding applications.  GRECO is anticipating the increased adoption of this materials in the manufacture of electronics, automobile, hand tools, home appliances, medical gadgets, optical products, and many other products.  
GRECO Isothane
It has been another fruitful and innovative year for the GRECO as it moves to expand the scale and beneficial properties of its products. One could be sure that if GRECO becomes short in coming up with new products, it only seems to be in the limit of imagination. GRECO believes that the harsh competition in the global market has been pushing the company for strengthen its product portfolio, develop new applications, and reveal original ideas for TPU, adhesives and specialty chemicals. With creativity combined with the drive towards excellence, GRECO’s TPU could very well become an important material in the field of footwear and other demanding sectors.  
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- This article also appears in the October issue of International Plastics News for Asia 
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