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Turnkey solutions for thin-wall packaging

Source:Plastics News Asia

Date Published:10/31/2019 11:10:47 AM

Stork IMM (Injection Moulding Machines) has supported its customers in the plastics industry since 1968. At K 2019, the company featured 2 models. 
The production of containers for the food industry requires maximum hygiene. Market demands and recent trends point towards injection moulding solutions moving beyond the traditional requirements. At K 2019, the global plastics industry saw a broad portfolio of injection moulding solutions that can meet specific needs of customers and more. 
Stork IMM (Injection Moulding Machines) has supported its customers in the plastics industry since 1968. Over the years, it has developed injection moulding solutions that are adapted to the end product they have to fabricate. At K show, Stork IMM and Brink B.V.  joined forces to exhibit under the slogan “Let’s Go Dutch”, which can be interpreted in several ways. In the first instance, “Let’s go Dutch” is the obvious choice for these two Dutch companies, Stork IMM and Brink B.V., as it combined the best of the two companies’ native Dutch heritage and passion for excellence in developing packaging solutions for the plastics processing market. “Let’s go Dutch” is also a colloquial term that means to “share the cost” and to Stork IMM, it portrays a clear reflection of the independent nature of these two companies but also their ability to easily co-operate and harness their common history, language, and proximity to each other.
Over the years Stork has specialised in extremely rapid injection moulding machines. The company’s machines are widely applicable and are fully adapted to the products that would have to be manufactured.
Ben Sutch
                                              Mr. Ben Sutch, Managing Partner, Chudleigh Sutch
Founded in 1963, the Brink Group has been manufacturing exclusively for the packaging industry high-quality fast-running injection moulds and since 1977 also technology driven automated systems. With offices and manufacturing centrally located in The Netherlands and joint ventures in South Africa and Russia, Brink sells through a comprehensive channel of customers to more than 70 countries worldwide.
In the Asia Pacific region, Chudleigh Sutch is the exclusive distributor for Stork IMM. “With our exclusive relationship with Stork IMM, we are able to provide customers with the most rapid and reliable injection-moulding machinery for their needs,” according to Ben Sutch, Managing Partner at Chudleigh Sutch. Under an agreement that took effect in January 2018, Chudleigh Sutch is the sole distributor for Stork machines in South East Asia and Oceana, providing customers in the region with sales and technical support. Stork equipment, used to manufacture plastic products including flower pots, crates, buckets, pails, and in-mould labelled food packaging, are widely considered one of the fastest machines in the industry.
Highly efficient injection models
Focusing on the highly dynamic food packaging industry at K 2019, the Stork Food-Line models demonstrated at the exhibition are designed for manufacturing thin-walled food packaging. In developing this product line, the company translates its customers’ passion, craftsmanship, experience, and requirements into dedicated solutions. The company constantly listens to its customers, integrates their insights, thus customers gained into its ever-growing expertise and ensure effective implementation in its products. This is a dynamic process. Stork is innovating continuously that enabled it to offer injection moulding machine model with the speed and reliability needed in today’s manufacture of thin-walled food packaging.  
Extremely thin-walled food packaging requires extremely high injection speeds. The Stork Food-Line is a heavy-duty IMM, designed to run a life-time at short cycle-times, 24/7. Stork electric drives are distinguished by a robust rack and pinion drive that allows for the highest speeds. The rack and pinion drive has proven to be the most reliable drive.
Stork IMM
                                                  Hybrid 7000 kN. Stork Food-Line IMM with electric E-clamp and side-entry Brink IML.
Speed and reliability are key elements that apply both for the machine as for the after-sales service. Stork injection moulding machine’s extremely high injection speed with a fast and accurate switch-over to holding-pressure has complied with the food industry’s requirement. Moreover, the machines can be lubricated with food-grade oil and lubricants. Stork also offers turn-key solutions in co-operation with well-known suppliers. 
A hybrid 7000 kN. Stork Food-Line IMM with an electric E-clamp and side-entry Brink IML and take-out automation cell was demonstrated at K 2019.This hybrid line with full electric clamping movement was shown producing a 250 grams square container in an 8-cavity mould in 3.9 sec. cycle-time with IML, camera control of an invisible code and take-out.  The full electric rack and pinion drive of the clamping movement ensures the most sustainable construction with proven long lifetime at extremely short cycle-times. The line features dry cycle time of 1.5 sec. (511 mm). Brink B.V.  supplies the 2-cavity mould, and automation aspect. “This machine is ideal for the production of 1.5 litre square container with product weight of 41 grams. A highly reliable model, this machine is cost-efficient and can greatly benefit manufacturers looking for a unit that will meet their requirements in terms of speed, cost-efficiency and accuracy,” according to Mr. Sutch.  
Taking another spotlight is the fully electric 4400 kN. Stork Food-Line IMM with a side-entry Brink IML and take-out automation cell. Together this system was demonstrated producing a state-of-the-art 1.5l cheese container 2-fold with the lowest energy consumption. The product design is in accordance with the packaging covenant light weighted and produced against the lowest energy consumption possible. “As Stock is known for high volume and fast production cycle, this fully electric model answers the market’s current demands for fast operation while ensuring the lowest possible energy cost,” according to Mr. Sutch. The IML label carries the invisible Holy Grail label used for waste separation. Truly in all aspects a packaging solution in the spirit of the circular economy. 
Stork IMM
                                   Fully electric 4400 kN. Stork Food-Line IMM with a side-entry Brink IML and take-out automation cell.
Aside from the Food Line, Stork also offers the Pail Line for the production of pails; the Potline for the production of flower pots; the Crate-Line for the production of logistic packaging systems for plastic crates; and the Plus-Line, one of fastest machines available today that is ideal for the production of thin-walled items. 
In 2018, Stork celebrated its 50th anniversary and by partnering with Chudleigh Sutch, the company sees this as a perfect opportunity to expand and grow its presence in the Asia Pacific region.  Chudleigh Sutch recently incorporated in South Pacific and now operates offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Based in Melbourne, the Australia office provides locally-based engineering, sales, and service for customers throughout the region.


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