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Versatile chip fryer

Source: Date:2010-06-22
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ONE continuous fryer system can make all styles of potato chips, and chips from plantains, malanga (Xanthosoma), and other products at the same capacity as multiple batch fryers: the 'UPC' from Heat and Control. Easy-to-use PLC control stores multiple recipes so you can change products in minutes. From hard-bite style to traditional chips, UPC lets you create personalised snacks for each customer by utilising independent fryer modules integrated into one continuous frying system. Temperature, dwell time and oil flow can be adjusted for each module to produce chips with specific texture, moisture and colour qualities. Cooking oil is continuously filtered in each frying module for superior product quality. Economical and efficient, UPC costs less to operate than separate batch or continuous fryers producing the same capacity. The fryer uses about half the energy of comparable batch fryers. It can also produce traditional style potato chips using little or no slice washing. Heat and Control (Scotland Office) T: +44 1506 420420 F: +44 1506 403919 FME310JUNIOR


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