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Versatile long-grooving options expanded

Source:Dormer Pramet

Date Published:4/2/2020 02:04:37 PM

Dormer Pramet has expanded its parting-off and grooving assortment with several significant additions.  

This includes a complete offer for a variety of machining conditions and materials comprising a new insert, two new geometries, a new grade, blades and tool holder.   

The new 25mm GL double-edged insert is available in a variety of widths from 2 – 6mm. Targeting long-grooving applications, GL supports 60 per cent deeper capacity, over Dormer Pramet’s LCMF16 insert.

A PVD grade, G8330, has been introduced for the GL insert to provide a versatile and stable option when machining steel, stainless steel and cast iron.  

The insert is also supported by two new geometries. PR is the first choice for medium to high feeds in a variety of machining conditions. Its cutting-edge strength resists cracking when grooving interrupted cuts and is ideal for the parting-off of bars.

The PM geometry is an option for low to medium feeds on soft materials, such as austenitic stainless steel, as it offers greater resistance to built-up edge and reduces the bur left when parting-off tubes.

A new range of external tool holders are available with shank dimensions from 16 – 25mm. Their advanced design supports stable cutting and resists vibration, promoting high-quality surface finish. The holders provide an overhang up to 32mm. 

Designed for small part machining, the tools feature a 30-degree angled screw position for easier indexing and a brace to increase toughness.  

In addition, a line of universal tool blades, offering heights between 26 – 32mm, are now available. It features a double-sided clamping key and a new design which enables inserts to be replaced with one hand.  

Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has launched a new grooving system, including an insert (X61) and toolholder (P61) for light machining, specifically the external and internal turning of lock rings and sealing rings.  

Widely used in the bearings and automotive industry, lock rings – also known as circlips – and sealing rings require highly durable and accurate tools due to the small dimensions involved.   

The new insert offers deeper grooves with widths up to 1.85mm and is available in both single and doubled-edge designs. Its positive geometry reduces cutting forces and temperature generated, meaning less power and stress on the workpiece, tool and machine.  

Available in the new G8330 grade, the X61 includes a negative T-land to improve cutting edge strength and reliability, making it suitable for smooth machining of steel, stainless steel and cast-iron.   

New toolholders are included as part of the launch to support internal and external grooving. Designated P61, the range offers a productive solution for finishing operations on small workpieces.  

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