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Vietnam company launches dissolving bags

Source:     Date:2009-01-19
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A Vietnam-based company is releasing its first batch of self-dissolving plastic bags. The bags is a concept of the Centre for Studying and Producing Bio Products (CPBP), Institute of Industrial Chemistry (Vinachem) and New Technology Investment Company. The bags break down into H2O, CO2 and tiny plastic fragments after just a few months when left out in the open and under the sun. The powder continues to break down into the soil without any negative impacts. Dr Nguyen Duc Kham, CSPBP's director, said that the secret lies in the mix of bio-polymers, etc. Major customers of bio-degradable plastic bags will be nurseries who will use the bags to cover seedling, young vegetables or land surfaces in coffee farms to prevent evaporation. The dissolving bags have been tested by the Ministry of Health's Food Hygiene and Safety Department, and have been certified as suitable to carry food. They were also tested for durability and capacity to disintegrate by the Directorate for Standards and Quality. The producers are now bringing their bio-degradable plastic bags to the mainstream market, particularly in grocery stores. The bags are now available at two supermarkets in Hanoi as part of a pilot project.Firefly


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