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Water-soluble packaging available in the UAE

Source:Ringier Food

Date Published:10/9/2017 06:10:21 PM

AVANI offers its sustainable packaging to consumers in the UAE, and eventually to the rest of the Middle East

NON-TOXIC, 100% natural, compostable, and recyclable. These are the qualities of the AVANI Bio-Cassava Bags, a packaging option now available for use by supermarkets, retailers, hotels, restaurants and their customers in the UAE. The packaging which originated in Indonesia is made from cassava root.

While semi biodegradable plastics, such as oxo-degradable bags, are used in the UAE they are increasingly being banned in countries around the world as they fragment into small pieces and continue to be extremely harmful to the environment.

AVANI Bio-Cassava bags are biodegrade and compost fully within six months naturally converting themselves to carbon dioxide, water, and biomass while leaving no toxic residue. Their unique composition also makes them one of the lowest cost bioplastic bags in the world; they are as durable as less environmentally sustainable options, they can be recycled back into paper, and customized in design and size.

Packaging made from cassava root dissolves in water; composts without toxic residue, according to AVANI

Sustainable packaging

AVANI have come up with the technology that provides businesses and consumers with an alternative to disposable plastics. Only available in Indonesia until recently, AVANI is now expanding its international footprint to now include the UAE, with plans to extend across the Middle East.

Kevin Kumala, co-founder and Chief Green Officer of AVANI at the UAE launch stated: ‘Our bags provide a total solution to bag waste around the globe. Today signifies the next step in our journey and the opportunity to provide a unique solution to supporting a Plastic Bag-Free UAE. We have for many years, followed the UAE’s commitment to banning plastic bags and we believe AVANI will be a key player in defining Eco-friendly solutions in consumable waste in the UAE.’

Peter Avram, a longstanding F&B Consultant in the UAE and Partner in Avani Eco Middle East, added: ‘As part of our launch we will also introduce the full portfolio of AVANI eco-friendly products including sugarcane fiber-based housewares, cornstarch straws, paper and cornstarch coffee cups and wooden cutlery. We have already started to engage with retail, hospitality, hotels, and restaurants here to showcase our products and the added value they provide, not only for clients but the benefits for the end-consumer and future sustainability of the UAE.  AVANI provides a truly unique and exciting sustainability solution for businesses in the UAE and wider Middle East.”


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