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YSM: Strip and wire forming machine

Source:Ringier Date:2018-11-23
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For over 40 years, YIH SHEN MACHINERY (YSM) has been specialising in stamping and bending not only in Taiwan but also to the global market.

It has lived its goal of “Delivering a seamless experience of manufacturing technology onto your shop floor’ with the latest high-tech and low-investment manufacturing solutions.”

Recently, the company has showcased the YSM “NC series” (Servo) cam-less servo-driven stamping and bending machine. This is capable of speeds of up to 250 strokes/min. with slides that can be aligned in either radial or linear arrangements. Some of the key features of these manufacturing lines are faster set-up times; suitability for small batch quantities; independently-driven servo slides and a servo stamping press.

According to YSM, it has made great inroads into Europe particularly in the automobile, electrical and general engineering industry sectors. They have also successfully integrated threading, welding, assembly and part inspection into complete ‘In-line solutions’ on its manufacturing lines. The electric vehicle industry and renewable energy are two areas where they have seen rapid growth, mainly due to special grants given by governments to this sector. This, in turn, has helped YSM to develop automated production lines to support manufacturing of the various components required.

The company has also delivered total turnkey solutions for various industries, which involve the integration of several operations that were hitherto offline. Some examples are given below:

• Electrical – Integration of operations such as welding, tapping and riveting into independent manufacturing cells for components used in circuit breakers.

• Medical – YSM stamping and bending machines are used in the manufacture of the ‘self-activating safety clips’ made out of material as thin as 0.1mm spring steel strip which require precise handling and accuracy on the finished component. These medical components are used to reduce the risk of infection when handling needles. Tools have been integrated with simple and quick-change inserts needed to accommodate a range of sizes to manufacture this product.

“The benefits, as seen by our partners, include increased productivity; reduced production costs; improved quality of products and greater stability of processes,” concluded YSM.

Meet YSM at Manufacturing Indonesia 2018 on 5-8 December at Booth No.: A-1330 and at TIMTOS 2019 on 4-9 March at Booth No.: D0301 in Hall 1.


Phone: (62-21)826 07603, 826 10166/177

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