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EMAG Acquires Scherer Feinbau

Source:EMAG     Date:2020-09-15
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EMAG will take over the Lower Franconian company, Scherer Feinbau, based in Alzenau, a specialist in manufacturing CNC vertical lathes and vertical shaft turning machines.


For over 40 years, Scherer has developed efficient production solutions for the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and casting industries – from metal cutting machining, to parts handling and automation. Scherer has specialized in vertical CNC lathes for workpieces with turning diameters of between 160 and 550 mm (6 and 22 in), and shaft turning centers for workpieces with turning diameters of between 250 and 350 mm (10 and 14 in). Scherer is an industry leader in developing machines optimized for the efficient mass production of brake discs, and has developed a strong hold in the market. The company’s two different machine platforms allow for easily automated production lines that will match the volume and factory layout of the customer.

The Benefit of a Scherer and EMAG Partnership

The acquisition of Scherer by EMAG will mutually benefit both companies. For Scherer’s, its CNC vertical lathes will now be marketed worldwide by all of the market companies within the EMAG Group, and with its excellent global network within the automotive industry, this provides the ideal basis for future success. Scherer customers will also benefit from EMAG’s service network, with technicians available around the world. The benefit for EMAG is the continued expansion of its technological expertise. Most notably, the years of experience that Scherer has in brake disc manufacturing, as Markus Heßbrüggen, CEO of the EMAG Group confirms, “Over the past few years, Scherer has developed robust solutions for the manufacturing of brake discs, which will continue to be vital for the future of the automotive industry – across all types of drives. We expect new market opportunities and developments to come from this expertise”.

Focus on Technological Know-How

Scherer Feinbau was founded in Mömbris in 1978, and has been part of the CHIRON Group, headquartered in Tuttlingen, since 2012. Beginning August 1, 2020, Scherer will be completely taken over by the EMAG Group. With this acquisition, EMAG, headquartered in Salach near Göppingen, Germany, is continuing with a long-term strategy of growing its expertise and market position with a well thought out expansion strategy. “As a result of this strategy, today the EMAG Group is one of the few manufacturers that can cover the entire process chain, from soft to hard machining, with its production systems, boasting a wealth of application expertise. With the takeover of Scherer, we are continuing down that road to success”, says Heßbrüggen.


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