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ARLANXEO at RubberTech China

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2020-09-21
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ARLANXEO, a world-leading synthetic rubber company, presented its portfolio of rubber solutions at RubberTech China 2020. Themed “Future Mobility”, ARLANXEO showcased its industry-leading synthetic rubber products and solutions in mobility, daily necessities, sports, and various application areas, and shares insights on the future development of the rubber industry in a fast-changing environment.


As the automotive industry is orienting its development towards a safer, more user-friendly, and more sustainable future, the exploration of lightweight and durable applications continues to be a major focus in the process of industrial upgrading. Meanwhile, the acceleration of the “New Infrastructure Plan” is also bringing about higher technical requirements for component parts in transportation and other key industries. In tune with the evolving industry trends, ARLANXEO continues to bring premium and innovative products to market.


During the exhibition, ARLANXEO demonstrated its high-performance grades from Keltan®, Therban®, Krynac®, and other leading products. With multiple advantageous properties, Keltan® products, for example, can be used in a variety of downstream areas, including but not limited to: coolant hose, with its good long-term service properties at both high and low-temperature and excellent coolant resistance; vacuum diaphragm and other parts, with its excellent high/low-temperature resistance, processability and dimensional stability; dense profile and sponge profile, with its excellent compression set and compression load deflection and smooth surface; and expansion joint in rail transportation, with its good collapse resistance.

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Among the innovative products showcased, Therban® series makes for a good choice for timing belt and air-conditioning seals due to its superior temperature and oil resistance, whereas seals and hydraulic hose produced from Krynac® display excellent oil and fuel resistance.


In addition, ARLANXEO presented its broad product range geared towards serving tyre and specialty rubber applications, ARLANXEO’s leading product brands Buna® and X_Butyl® are presented enabling outstanding road grip, durability, and mechanical properties in high performance tire, industrial and specialty application areas.


To further enhance customer experience through diversified digital tools, this year, ARLANXEO brought an innovative 3D auto model to demonstrate all ARLANXEO’s products and applications in the components of a vehicle. Meanwhile, ARLANXEO also launched a WeChat mini-site to offer quick access to the company’s full product portfolio. With this centralised digital platform, customers can easily download marketing materials, ask for samples, and stay connected with ARLANXEO commercial and technical service professionals.


In the afternoon of the first event day, ARLANXEO participated in the RubberTech Technical Conference. Under the topic “Elastomer applications in water management”, Dr. Minjie Chen, Technical Manager, ARLANXEO in China and Wincent Feng, Technical Service & Application Development Manager, ARLANXEO in China, introduced a variety of water-related synthetic rubber products and innovative solutions in application areas of mobility, building and construction, daily necessities.



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