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KSH Iron Works food processing machinery

Source:Ringier     Date:2020-09-21
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Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works (KSH) designs and manufactures professional processing machines for meat, fish, and other food products.

From versatile standalone machines to turnkey solutions, Kinn Shang Hoo offers a long list of products that cater to the manufacturing needs of the aquatic, meat and vegetable processing sectors. The company’s emphasis on high quality, efficiency, and durability guarantees that every machine is built to serve manufacturers for many years.


The Taiwan-based company provides equipment for boiling, cutting,/slicing, mixing and seasoning, drying, mincing, blending, smashing, shaping, heating, cooling, gathering, dehydrating, vacuum packing, as well as whole plant project for aquatic processing of fish balls, and fish floss, and also meat balls, meat floss, jerky, and sausages.



KUP series, a universal mixer and seasoning machine


In a collection of product series, the KUP series, a universal mixer and seasoning machine for many types of food processing products, is very impressive and popular, especially in central kitchens owing to the multifunction and the great capacity, 120 liters.


The KUP series can mix rice, noodles and vegetables; it can dry peanuts, sesame, coffee beans, and other grains; and seasoning can be done at the same time. It can also mix foods such as Row-Su (meat floss), and Yu-Su (fish floss).


Easy operation is taken into consideration for design. Hence, loading and discharging food is done easily on the KUP series. It runs on gas and with an alarm to prevent the food from burning. The rolling speed of the bowl and electronic ignition system adjustment can be found on the control panel.



FA-300 hydraulic high-speed blender


Apart from mixers and seasoning machines, KSH is also an expert in blenders, providing several models in the FA series. One of them is FA-300 hydraulic high-speed blender which is very effective in churning portions of fish or meat for meat (fish) balls. The FA-300 can also mix or crush so many types of food, even non-food products within a 300kg capacity.



CBS-10 smasher


The CBS of smashers is especially for crushing meat or fish for making meat, fish and even beef balls. Manufacturers can choose from a variety of models depending on the specifications they require. The bowls are made of stone or stainless steel, while surfaces of overall machines have generally iron coating.


To ensure the highest quality, we keep close tabs on our machines and increase the rate of completed self-production to make sure every detail is complete and safe. Therefore, all of our products are manufactured in-house in Taiwan, including research, design, manufacture, and installation of machines.

For more information, visit the Kinn Shang Hoo Product Showroom


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