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Loryma offers brine solution for breaded products

Source:Loryma     Date:2020-10-01
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Loryma, a specialist in natural wheat ingredients, offers a new solution for the production of stable coated applications. Designed for use with breadings and coatings, Lory® Inject Lake combines functional mixtures based on wheat proteins, starches and special flours, for better product quality, as well as process stability during production, packaging and preparation. They do not need to be declared as additives on the ingredient label.

03_Loryma_ schnitzel mit Fahnchen_copyright@crespel&deiters - Copy.jpg

Lory® Inject Lake brine solution enhances the crispness of products like schnitzels (Photo: crespel&deiters) 

Take high-quality breaded schnitzel as an example. It is convincing when it maintains an appealing sensory quality, with a crispy crust and juicy core even after preparation. However, unstable meat quality and varying temperature cycles during industrial processing can be detrimental to both structure and mouthfeel, resulting in a tough, dry end product. Pre-treatment of the meat with liquid injection brine counteracts this. The mixture, consisting of functional proteins, small grain starches with a high moisture binding capacity plus special flours, can be supplemented with water and seasoning, preventing the loss of liquid when heated. During processing, the raw pieces of meat first get injected with a Lory® Inject solution and the compound is then fixed under vacuum using a tumbler. The brine does not sediment and is completely absorbed by the raw muscle tissue. While common brine additives usually contain declarable components, such as phosphates and hydrocolloids, Lory® Inject is a purely natural combination of wheat ingredients. This allows manufacturers to meet consumer demand for products that don’t contain E-numbers.


The liquid brine can be combined with other functional products from the Loryma modular system, such as wet batter and dry dusting. All Loryma panades are based on specially developed wheat starches that ensure stable, firm and bubble-free adhesion to the breading product: during deep-frying, deep-freezing and re-defrosting, they form a mechanically resilient but gas-permeable bond that prevents the formation of vapour bubbles. They also ensure a more secure binding between the product to be breaded and various coating options, be they breadcrumbs, dough or cornflakes.


Wheat flour and wheat starch are the main components of Loryma’s breading systems in the Lory® Inject range, a combination that allows for a short and consumer-friendly ingredients list.


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