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Gold Great Good provides OPP labeling machines comparable to EU and American grades

Source:Gold Great Good     Date:2021-01-26
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◎Influence (contribution) deeds: 

Participating in the Japan Packaging Exhibition Group on business trips unexpectedly changed the life course of General Manager Cai Linhui. After the establishment of "Jin Hong Ji Machinery Industry Co., Ltd." in 1982 (1993), it has continued to innovate, develop, manufacture and produce various labeling machines, providing Taiwan’s packaging industry with high-quality equipment comparable to those of Europe and the United States. The machines can compete in terms of fast labeling speed and cutting. The label placement is accurate, never sloppy. 

With the leading market share of Taiwan's labeling machines, the company has fully promoted the use of environmentally-friendly OPP labels and contributed to Taiwan's environmental protection, with outstanding results. In the face of Taiwan's industrial migration, the domestic packaging demand market has gradually shrunk, and it still insists on staying in Taiwan. The expansion of the new factory in 2013 (2013) was completed, and the introduction of high-end technology was indeed a model for Taiwan's industrial upgrading. We will not hesitate to develop the successful experience of more than 20 years of stable marketing on five continents and customers in more than 50 countries around the world, leading related industries to break through the severe situation of international market competition, creating the next blue ocean belonging to Taiwan’s packaging machinery industry, and influencing contributions extraordinary.

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General Manager Cai Linhui grew up in Longtan, Taoyuan. After graduating from elementary school, his mother fell ill and changed drastically. He must share his father's hard work and take care of his mother. After the death of his mother, he was only a teenager. Under the guidance of his elder brother, he entered the printing machine factory. Starting from the most basic apprentice, he slowly explored and studied from lathes, milling machines, and treadmills. Once the company sent him to participate in the Japan Packaging Exhibition Group, which opened his eyes and became interested in the research and development of packaging machines. In 1982 (1993), General Manager Cai and his wife who worked as an accountant in a printing machine factory founded the "Jin Hong Ji Machinery Industry Co., Ltd." and began to manufacture labeling machines. Over the past two decades, the business has been expanding and has gained a reputation. But General Manager Tsai still said humbly and gratefully: "The most thankful thing along the way is my wife, who has always had no complaints and no regrets, and a group of employees who have followed for many years, plus the love and support of many cooperating factories, and finally it is Taiwan. The best promotional media for packaging allows the Jinhongji brand to be effectively marketed at home and abroad."

Sophisticated equipment and environmentally friendly label materials promote productivity and environmental improvement

Jinhongji Machinery mainly produces OPP hot melt adhesive round bottle square bottle labeling machine and PVC, OPS, PET heat shrinkable label automatic sleeve labeling machine suitable for various bottle-shaped packaging, as well as self-adhesive round bottle labeling machine and round bottle positioning labeling machine. Labeling machines, multi-functional double-sided labeling machines, horizontal roll labeling machines, special customized bottle labeling machines, etc., due to the good performance of the equipment, high quality and efficiency, and perfect after-sales service, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Uni-President, Kao, Baoqiao, Unilever, Jiage Foods, Kinmen Winery, Japanese Water Plant and 90% of Taiwan's water plants have adopted them and sold them all over the world.

Taking OPP hot melt adhesive labeling machine, it is widely used in the labeling of various beverages such as mineral water bottles, glass bottles, PET bottles, soy milk bottles, plastic bottles, food, etc. Although the machine cost is high, OPP labels The cost is low, and the material is environmentally friendly. It can not only do secondary processing but also roll-up operation, that is, labeling and tracking and cutting off. The speed is fast. The labeling speed can reach 200~600 bottles per minute according to the needs. It shrinks and wrinkles, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. For example, the new Jinlan Soy Sauce Plant and the Puli Mineral Water Plant use it as the main machine type of the production line, and the production capacity has been significantly increased. Because the reliability, stability and labeling speed of the equipment are on par with those imported from Europe and the United States, even better than those imported from Europe and the United States, but the price is relatively favorable, so it is favored by European and American countries.

Jinhongji Machinery has also taken the leading position in the market share of Taiwan's labeling machines, fully driving the use of environmentally friendly OPP labels, contributing to Taiwan's environmental protection, and achieving outstanding results.

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The expansion of new factories and the comprehensive update of hardware and software are examples of Taiwan’s industrial upgrading

After cultivating Taiwan for many years, Jinhongji Machinery has always taken the lead in Taiwan's labeling machine market. In order to be able to develop more powerful and more widely used models, it invested in the purchase of land and expansion of a new factory. In 2013 (2013) Formally completed, the new and old factories total more than 2,000 square meters, with a grand scale.

The new factory area connects the production, research and development, office, storage and other departments with smooth moving lines. Adopting a transparently designed production line, in order to be able to entertain foreign guests to experience and witness the quality of production, it is not only General Manager Cai's confident display of his own products, but also the most direct and effective marketing strategy; the technology management system introduced at the expense of no matter Controlling the types of materials and the quantity of incoming and outgoing stocks, or production line work schedules, shipping time, etc., can instantly grasp the status of each link and make more efficient management analysis, which not only increases the production capacity of Jinhongji Machinery by at least three times , And because of reducing unnecessary waste, the operating cost can be reduced, which is reflected in the price reasonably, and the competitive advantage is further improved.

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The establishment of the R&D and Design Center is the core of the entire new plant planning. "Professional talents and design innovation are our lifeblood, but there is no shortcut. We must build our strength step by step in a down-to-earth and pragmatic manner. Visit packaging exhibitions around the world to obtain new information, understand market pulses and needs, and provide future R&D directions. The source of innovation; assisting customers in solving difficulties is the second step of innovative research and development. In the past, these two practices have increased the strength of our product quality and also obtained customer satisfaction. With the R&D and design center, we have implemented and strengthened the two This approach, on the one hand, actively researches and develops new models to increase competitiveness; on the other hand, we assist in solving various special needs of customers, showing high professional and high-quality design capabilities, to obtain satisfactory recognition from customers and the filling and packaging industry, and increase follow-up Opportunities for orders. In addition, we continue to cultivate new talents to accumulate future strength for the company."

As General Manager Cai said, Jinhongji Machinery has always adhered to the design principles of "fast, durable, easy to operate, and versatile", and has developed many innovative models, such as "continuous transmission without stopping" labeling machine; OPP can be used In addition to BOPP raw materials, whole rolls or single sheets of paper, such as coated paper labels, can also be used. The "cold/hot melt adhesive high-speed OPP/BOPP/Paper (paper) automatic round bottle labeling machine" is widely applicable; Solve the problem that square bottle labeling is not easy, and the production capacity can be increased to 200~800 bottles per minute, or even the "round and square bottle sharing rotary labeling machine" with more than 1,000 bottles. Moreover, the introduction of human-machine interface is the biggest advantage of the equipment. Jinhongji Machinery adopts the latest generation of PLC control system, with powerful online monitoring and system self-diagnosis functions, which is very friendly and simple for the operator. In addition, it also gives the machine more precise cutting and positioning functions. It does not need to print electric eye points when labeling, and it also makes the label look more beautiful and tidy.

In order to build strength, General Manager Cai actively cultivates business talents who are proficient in the language of the target market, as well as engineers with professional skills, and invests all his efforts in the upgrading of software and hardware. Facing Taiwan’s internal and external difficulties in the industry, General Manager Tsai is not fixed on what the government is doing. Instead, he has an international vision and self-demand "strength." This is indeed a model for Taiwan’s industrial upgrading.

Mastering the key and strengthening competitive advantages are a model for Taiwan’s industry to follow suit

The labeling machine produced by Jinhongji Machinery has a domestic and foreign sales ratio of about 1:1. The main foreign markets are roughly the mainland, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. They often encounter competitive pressure from strong competitors such as Italy, the United States, and Germany. Our main advantage is high quality and reasonable price. Just like Krones in Germany is also a major manufacturer of labeling machines, their prices are generally higher, each costing seven or eight million. Our machines The quality is not inferior to them, but a machine that can label 600 bottles in one minute only needs more than 4 million, and the second-class machine only needs more than 3 million. Not only the price is favorable, but the performance can also meet The needs of general customers, I think this requires consumers to choose by themselves." General Manager Cai said.


However, in the face of fierce competition in the global market, the prices of raw materials have been soaring in recent years, and customer procurement budgets have also been relatively reduced. In addition to grasping the key to victory of high quality and reasonable prices, General Manager Cai has actively reduced the rate of mechanical failure and reduced customers Maintenance costs, and in addition to providing immediate maintenance services, we are also committed to simplifying the maintenance and assembly steps. By dividing the steps and matching detailed instructions, we try our best to let customers diagnose problems by themselves without waiting for repair time. "In the case of machine parts that need to be replaced, we hope that after customers order by phone and receive the parts, they can operate and replace them by themselves by reading the instructions in detail. This will not only save the two parties Time cost, and the customer’s equipment will never become an orphan device!” Such a thoughtful service strategy is mainly derived from the fact that General Manager Cai has personally accompanied the customer for more than 20 hours of testing, so that he can better understand from the customer’s perspective. Therefore, over the long term, customers will deeply feel the security and protection provided by Jinhongji Machinery. Not only are they highly loyal, they will also help word of mouth to introduce new customers. This is the reason why Jinhongji Machinery has been able to rise in the mainland. Under the severe impact of the Southeast Asian Nations Association on Taiwan’s economy, it is one of the important factors that can still break through the siege and continue to grow. After the expansion of the new plant, General Manager Cai can firmly set the second 20-year goal of Jinhongji Machinery-" The basis and foundation for global deployment and promotion to the world.

In order to expand the export market to North America, Central and South America, European markets, etc., General Manager Cai strives to make the products pass various international certifications. In addition to the original ISO certification, there are also European CE, North American UL and CSA, etc. General Manager Cai's imperative goal.

Regardless of quality requirements, price competitiveness and service effectiveness, General Manager Cai can accurately grasp the key to victory, strengthen competitive advantages, improve equipment, and lead Jinhongji Machinery to fight bravely. It is worth learning from many hesitating Taiwan industries.

Sharing successful experience, leading Taiwan’s industry to take the initiative to attack internationally

Facing the gradual shrinking of Taiwan’s domestic demand market and the severe test of the export market, General Manager Tsai is well aware of the plight of Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, he has never hesitated to share that Jinhongji’s mechanical energy sales are on five continents and the customer base can be spread all over the world. The country’s way of success, "First of all, we must stand from the customer’s standpoint and think, if I were to purchase someone else’s machine, what kind of quality and service would I hope to buy? Comparing my heart, and then providing the customer what I want That’s right!” Therefore, Jinhongji Machinery always insists on designing machines that meet demand, manufactures excellent performance, and is easy to maintain. As for the price, it emphasizes “reasonable”. “I think reasonable profits must be controlled. Don’t cut prices for business. Although it is easier to attract customers at a low price, it often results in poor service. Because it is found that profits are becoming undesirable, it will naturally reduce the number of services or even not go, making the service very bad, and customers will be long-term They have a poor impression and lose the opportunity to buy back. Some even cut corners to reduce losses after price-cutting competition has grabbed customers. This not only harms the rights and interests of customers, but also hurts their own brand image. This is very unwise." General Manager Cai said sincerely.

What's more, in recent years, the relevant industries in Mainland China have developed rapidly and have hit the international market with low price wars. The marketing strategy of “small profits but quick turnover” of Taiwanese companies was simply unable to struggle. In addition, since the implementation of the Southeast Asian Nations Association in 2010, Taiwanese companies’ Almost all of the remaining profits have been consumed by tariffs. Therefore, Taiwanese companies must revise their business directions and strategies, and find new market positioning and existing value for Taiwan’s models, in order to turn the crisis into a turning point. "Domestic companies must focus on corporate image, product development and design. The quality of manufacturing must be improved more quickly; find ways to set up branches or seek cooperation with ASEAN countries to transfer products to import to overcome the dilemma that high tariffs cause products to be unable to cross Taiwan. In addition, we must actively move towards the international stage Whether it is to visit international exhibitions to open up your eyes, understand the current development of packaging machinery and future development trends, or even participate in exhibitions to increase the visibility of products in the world, you can also understand the positioning of the quality of your own products in the minds of buyers." Said the general manager.

In the case of Jinhongji Machinery, it has almost every year experience in foreign exhibitions, so the service personnel and various service tasks have long been familiar with them. In 2017, they will participate in the world’s largest and most influential "Düsseldorf International Packaging Machinery" “Materials Exhibition” exhibited the latest labeling machines, which won many praises and customer sources, and served as a model for relevant Taiwanese industry players, leading everyone in the absence of government policy support, substantial Austrian aid, research and development and foreign participation subsidies, and delays. When it has been unable to break through the diplomatic dilemma, and signed various common market tariff reduction or tax burden agreements with other countries to help reduce costs and increase competitiveness, not only there is still a way to go, but it may also create the next blue ocean belonging to Taiwan’s packaging machinery industry. It not only brings exciting good news to Taiwan's related industries, but also greatly demonstrates Taiwan's strong R&D and design capabilities, quality standards comparable to European and American products, and super vitality that cannot be underestimated on the international stage!

■ Establishment: 1993

■ Main products: OPP/BOPP hot melt adhesive labeling machine (linear and rotary), shrink film sleeve labeling machine, various self-adhesive labeling machines

■ Market: All over the world

■ Domestic and foreign target customers: Jiage, Coca-Cola, Jinlan Soy Sauce, Uni-President, Jinche, Hongquan



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