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Chinaplas: Bausano to premiere new extruders

Source:Plastics News Asia     Date:2021-03-12
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Greater durability, exceptional performance and great energy savings are the highlights of the MD Plus and MD Nextmover twin screw extruder series from Bausano. As the quality of a profile, tube or any thermoplastic product is a reflection of the quality of the extrusion line that generated it, Bausano works on every detail and aspect, from mechanics to electronics, to ensure that the models are designed and manufactured with the custom care.


Screw geometry designed to improve efficiency; transmission system capable of reducing torque effort to a quarter improving performance and extending the life of the system latest generation motors and a valuable, intuitive tools for analysing consumption are important elements that translate into more production and energy efficiency.


Born from Bausano experience and the ongoing research of increasingly performing technologies and solutions, the new MD Plus and Nextomover extruders for plastic materials improve line productivity and reduce costs and energy consumption. Each extruder is unique, even different from the others belonging to the same series. What never changes is the ability to optimise production, cutting down costs and passing any tests with exceptional results. The extruder is integrated with: smart energy system; digital extruder control; predictive maintenance; I.E. 4 motors; variable speed screws with thermostat; stainless steel hopper for easier cleaning; control unit for gear box lubrication; venting exclusive and patented “multidrive” system; thrust bearing with high load capacity; protection for barrel with double cavity; and asynchronous motors connected to an inverter

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Other products from Bausano include: the E-GO Series Single Screw Extruders which exhibit power, technology and elegance in a modular machine, customisable in every detail, complete with Digital Extruder Control 4.0 for monitoring consumption;  E-GO for Profiles -Single Screw Series which boast of precision and versatility of the E-GO single-screw extruders that allow the processing of different types of materials for the production of technical profiles that are strong, durable and excellent also from an aesthetic point of view; and E-GO for Pipes Single Screw Series which makes it possible manufacture pipes for a great number of applications in various industries: from construction to medical and automotive sector. Bausano also offers effective solutions for integrated control under Industry 4.0. 


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